“Patiently Waiting” A Short Story

This is a short story from my book “The (not so) Bright Side).” It is written in the style of the old AOL chat service, as well as AIM. Fair warning before reading: there are A LOT of grammatical errors. But that’s done purposely. I wanted to capture the charm of a time when AOL ruled the “dating scene” in the young community. Mind you I wrote this story 3 years ago; AIM was still in use but slowly fading in the background of Facebook. Should you choose to read on I hope you enjoy yourself. 


ineedahero: really, i mean tht much to u?
dudewheresmymind: of course. ur mad special, like i care a ton about u. like OH SHIT dude
ineedahero: awww
ineedahero: im blushing odee rite now
dudewheresmymind: so wen am i gonna see u?
dudewheremymind: i mean we been talkin now fer like 2 months
ineedahero: i no i noe SOOOWIE i jus been busy wit skool n my moms being a bitch n u noe how it is
dudewheresmymind: she still givin u shit for tht B+ u got in global? damn im glad im pullin A's then
ineedahero: lol
ineedahero: i noe shes just...rawr!!! idk....i gotta gtf outta hea
dudewheresmymind: so come chill wit me n lemme take ur mind off things
ineedahero: and keep it in the gutter huh?
dudewheresmymind: sure why not
ineedahero: lol u so crazy
dudewheresmymind: yea pero u like it
ineedahero: no.....
ineedahero: i love it
ineedahero: like i love u
dudewheresmymind: seriously? u lov me?
ineedahero: sure why not lol
dudewheresmymind: lol
dudwheresmymind: but seriously.....
dudeheresmymind: u...love me?
ineedahero: i do. i been wantin to tell u for a lil while now but...idk...i really do
dudewheresmymind: i love u too. have now for a while
ineedahero: why didnt u say anything
dudewheresmymind: i wanted to say it in person. tht first day, so u noe jus how i felt
dudewheresmymind: and since we r talkin bout being together i knew u wouldnt run off
ineedahero: i would never do tht to u baby. i love u
dudewheresmymind: i love u too
ineedahero: damn. i g2g. moms callin fo me. must be dinnertime n then bullshit activity nite
dudewheresmymind: oh yea i forgot bout tht. its tuesday.
ineedahero: yup.
so since i wont be back on ill ttyt?
dudewheresmymind: of coure
ineedahero: k
ineedahero: bye
ineedahero: my love :)
dudewheresmymind: bye my love :) i love u
ineedahero: love u too babe muah
ineedahero: signed off at 6:27 pm 

dudewheresmymind: so the teacher said he made a mistake on ur grade? did he at least fix it?
ineedahero: yea tht fucker lol he told me it was tht bitch jodie who was gonna be gettin the B+ n since our last names r the same (she stole mine) he got us mixed up
dudewheresmymind: damn
dudewheresmymind: well at least ur gettin the A+ u deserve cuz ur so smart n all tht fun stuff
ineedahero: lol
ineedahero: so now tht the moms is happy i can go out and shit
dudewheresmymind: so tht means we can finally chill?
ineedahero: duh silly lol
dudewheresmymind: ok so i noe tmrw after skool is out cuz u got sum shit wit ur fam....n friday ur goin to ur lil brothers play for his skool.....wat about this saturday? i dnt remember u sayin ur busy plus i noe im not. all weekend im free really
ineedahero: i cnt believe u remembered all tht. wow. my ex never cud recall my plans for the week
ineedahero: lol
dudewheresmymind: thts cuz ima better man then he is
dudewheresmymind: plus i work n dnt mooch off the ppl i love
ineedahero: lol well thts gd. btw, arent u gonna get in trouble for talkin to me while at work?
ineedahero: i cnt have u losin ur job for me 
ineedahero: n have u mooch off me lol
dudewheresmymind: lol na dnt worry bout it. my supervisor is mad laid back
dudewheresmymind: in fact tht niggas on facebook rite now talkin to sum spanish shortie he met a couple weeks ago
ineedahero: can u believ thts how we met
dudewheresmymind: better then myspace lol
ineedahero: or tht bullshit localhookupz.com shit lol
dudewheresmymind: oh yo lemme tell u my cuzo is datin sum chick he met from tht site. they been together now for a lil while. havent met her tho but he says shes finer then a mofo. i asked if u me n him n his girl could double but took it back since u n me havent actually met yet
ineedahero: well now u can ask him to double
dudewheresmymind: ill be sure to do tht tonite wen i see him
ineedahero: hes back in the city already?
dudewheresmymind: actually he came back last week i jus havent talked to him cuz the company keeps askin him to do doubles. im like damn yo he jus got back from vaca leave the man alone
ineedahero: lol word
ineedahero: but hes aite, like do u noe how hes doin?
dudewheresmymind: ya hes aite. i mean jus mad tight tht hes already being asked to work so hard is all....
dudewheresmymind: damn, i gotta go on my tour now. u gonna be up lata?
ineedahero: na ill prob be sleepin. besides u take like 2 hrs to do tht thing lol
dudewheresmymind: well dang the building does have 26 floors i gotta check out
needahero: and i bet u look sexy doin every single one of them lol muah
dudewheresmymind: dude...i blushing lol
ineedahero: lol u so cute...msg me if u wanna see if im up but most likely i wont be
dudewheresmymind: i mite as well say gdnite here then
ineedahero: tru
dudewheresmymind: so......
dudewheresmymind: gd nite
dudewheresmymind: my love
dudewheresmymind: sweet dreams
ineedahero: have a safe shift baby. i love u muah
dudewheresmymind: love u too muah baby
dudewheresmymind: signed off at 8:09 pm

dudwheresmymind: thats an incredibly stupid thing to say
ineedahero: why u say tht?
dudewheresmymind: u dnt noe wen we r meeting yet cuz ur "always busy"? dude u tell me everyday tht ur schedule looks pretty “blah” all the time n u wanna do suttin to free urself from the mindless garbage tht is the same routine. yet here we r like 4 months later n we still havent met in person but ur still tellin me u love me like weve known each other for yrs
ineedahero: but i do love u
dudewheresmymind: STOP SAYIN THAT DAMN YOU
ineedahero: ok, plz, calm down?...plz...?
ineedahero: r u still there?
dudewheresmymind: yup
ineedahero: k
ineedahero: im sry
dudewheresmymind: dnt apologize
ineedahero: why?
dudewheresmymind: cuz u shouldnt have to. we shoulda been met up. i noe ur schedule back n forth n always tell u use w.e open spot u have n see me jus this one time, but noooooooo u use it to go n do other bs. its like im not even on ur mind yet u have the audacity to sit there n say "oh baby i love u ur always on my mind n i cnt live without u" n all tht other bullshit
ineedahero: ....idk wat to say
dudewheresmymnd: idk why, ur not the one on my side feeling like their being dicked around
ineedahero: im not dicking u around. my feelings for u r real. its just...idk
dudewheresmymind: wat dnt u noe?
ineedahero: idk thts the thing.idk wtf is wrong wit me
ineedahero: u havent pressured me or nuttin like tht n u been sittin here waitin for me for w.e reason n here i am sayin sry for dumb shit
dudewheresmymind: so get ur mind rite
ineedahero: it is...idk wats WRONG wit me..grrrrr!
dudewheresmymind: well ima be honest. im tired of sittin around waitin for u. u noe, this one chick on facebook asked me out last week. noe wat i did?
ineedahero: no....wat u do?
dudewheresmymind: i told her i was madly in love wit u n nobody can change tht
ineedahero: ...wow...really?
dudewheresmymind: bet ur ass i did
ineedahero: damn
dudewheresmymind: she told me she really wants me, like ode. for sum reason, n said shes gonna sit there n wait for me
ineedahero: really?
dudewheresmymind: yup. she noes all about u. i told her about u wen i met her for starbucks. she was flabbergasted at how long ive been patient wit u. she said she cud never do nuttin like tht cuz she loves being there n intimate n sayin all this love shit in person n not over the net. she actually met me rite away, like we talked for 2 days online then the next day i saw her in the afternoon for a few hrs n had coffee n conversation.
REAL conversation
ineedahero: wow
dudewheresmymind: is tht all u gotta say after wat i just told u, wow? thts it? 
ineedahero: wat am i suppose to say?
dudewheresmymind: well since u got nuttin to do tmrw u shoulda said, ok u n me need to chill so i can redeem myself cuz i owe it to u n i love u n i dnt wanna lose u...or suttin like tht
ineedahero: idk...
dudewheresmymind: wow
ineedahero: wat?
dudewheresmymind: nuttin. i g2g
dudewheresmymind: signed off at 8:12 pm
ineedahero: u dnt look like ur picture. i mean i wasnt disappointed but u dnt look like ur pics
dudewheresmymind: u do
ineedahero: really?
dudewheresmymind: yup
ineedahero: is tht a bad thing?
dudewheresmyind: did i say it was?
ineedahero: no?....but u didnt say it was a good thing either
dudewheresmmind: well wen we started talkin a thousand yrs ago i told u how spectacular ur eyes were n ur smile was amazing. and since im sayin tht u look like ur pics, dont u think its a GOOD thing?
inedahero: i guess...
dudewheresmymind: were u happy wit wat u saw? i mean u said u werent disappointed but u also said i was sexy wen we first met. do u still feel tht way?
ineedahero: a lil bit
dudewheresmymind: just a lil?
ineedahero: yea
dudewheresmymind: so wat happens now?
ineedahero: wat u mean?
dudewheresmymind: well since u ended up meeting me on the fly the other day i wasnt really lookin or feelin my best n i wanna at least get a haircut n look better. r we seeing each other again?
ineedahero: idk...
dudewheresmymind: why dnt u noe?
ineedahero: idk
dudewheresmymind: do u still love me?
ineedahero: yes, but....
dudewheresmymind: dnt fuckin say "idk" again
ineedahero: lol
ineedahero: how u knew i was gonna say tht?
dudewheresmymind: thats a retorical question
ineedahero: its a wat..? stop using big words wit me LOL u noe i hate tht
dudewheresmymind: idk...
ineedahero: lol now its ur turn? wat dnt u noe?
dudewheresmymind: idk why i wasted so much time wit u. ur obviously not interested anymore, since u keep sayin "idk" and wen i asked if u still loved me u said "yes, but..." so tht can only mean i wasted my time. i blame u
ineedahero: WAT? WHY U BLAMING ME FOR?
dudewheresmymind: if u had met up wit me months ago we wouldnt be having this conversation rite now. we'd either be in love, or noe if we were just friends. but u let mad time pass like an idiot instead of seeing me yet u had the balls to tell me day in and day out tht u love me.
ineedahero: oh...
dudewheresmymind: wanna noe the worst thing about all this?
ineedahero:" no...wats the worst thing?
dudewheresmymind: we never spoke on the fone. not once this whole time
ineedahero: really?
dudewheresmymind: dude, r u seriously saying "really?" how the fuck dnt u remember tht u and me havent talked on the fone?! r u that stupid or suttin?
ineedahero: NOOOOOOO i just...
dudewheresmymind: wat, ur gonna say idk again arent u?
ineedahero: lol yea
dudewheresmymind: u said u werent talkin to nobody else while talkin wit me except a couple dudes who were gay. were u lying to me?
ineedahero: no i wasnt lying
dudewheresmymind: so wats been the biggest issue wit us having to wait so long to meet?
ineedahero: idk i think i was scared
dudewheresmyind: of wat, me?
ineedahero: yea
dudewheresmymind: elaborate, please, cuz i never did shit to u to make u feel scared...or did i?
ineedahero: no u didnt
ineedahero: i was scared cuz i was fallin HARD for u n even tho i was in love wit u i had the mistakes i made wit my ex runnin thru my head n idk i got freaked out i noe u neva woulda hurt me i jus have this thing in my head tht i dnt wanna trust so easily n i trusted u so fast i had to take a step back
dudewheresmymind: so u were stringing me along this whole time then, u never really were planning on meeting me. u just wanted me to be like a safezone or suttin to see if u could trust another person again. now tht u have u dnt need me anymore
ineedahero: thts not it at all
dudewheresmymind: well u certainly r givin me tht impression
ineedahero: sry
dudewheresmymind: u dnt need to apologize anymore
ineedahero: why?
dudewheresmymind: cuz ive obviously been wasting my time. u dnt wanna see me anymore n now tht i noe u dnt really wanna trust guys tht means u dnt wanna be wit me. u shoulda jus said this from the very beginning instead of flirting wit me n then tellin me u love me, n all tht shit. im done waiting for u
ineedahero: ....sry
dudewheresmymind: u dnt need to be. im not ur problem anymore 
ineedahero: u never were a problem to me
dudewheresmymind: w.e
dudewheresmymind: ima go call tht other chick. at least SHE expressed interest in me TO MY FACE instead of shying away wen i try to hold her hand
ineedahero: so u held tht bitches hand?
dudewheresmymind: no dumbass cnt u tell sarcasm wen u see it?
ineedahero: dnt call me a dumbass i jus thought u did cuz thts the impression u gave me wen u said tht but w.e go be wit her since u obviously dnt care about me no more
ineedahero: im sry
dudewheresmymind: like i said im not ur problem no more. bye
dudewheresmymind: signed off 12:47 am
thesehazeleyes: hey
dudewheresmymind: who the hell is this?
thesehazeleyes: its me, ineedahero
thesehazeleyes: u still there...?
dudewheresmymind: wat do u want?
thesehazeleyes: how r u?
dudewheresmymind: fine
thesehazeleyes: thats good
thesehazeleyes: and ur mom how is she?
dudewheresmymind: wtf r u doin?
thesehazeleyes: wat?
dudewheresmymind: why r u messaging me after all this time?
dudewheresmymind: or r u gonna say idk again like a thouand times?
thesehazeleyes: LOL wow u remembered that?
dudewheresmymind: i never forgot it
dudewheresmymind: dnt take tht as a good thing either
thesehazeleyes: oh
dudewheresmymind: so wtf do u want?
thesehazeleyes: i missed u
dudewheresmymind: come again?
thesehazeleyes: lol
thesehazeleyes: I....MISSED.....YOU
dudewheresmymind: why?
dudewheresmymind: and dnt say idk cuz thats not gonna fuckin cut it rite now
thesehazeleyes: i made a mistake. i miss u. i want u back
dudewheresmymind: u never had me to begin wit
thesehazeleyes: u loved me, and i loved u
dudewheresmymind: thats just it, LOVED, wit an E-D at the end. ive moved on. its been too long. im not gonna sit around and wait for u. clearly, since i never sent u a msg since we last spoke
thesehazeleyes: ur dating tht chick?
dudewheresmymind: no
thesehazeleyes: oh
dudewheresmymind: we're engaged
thesehazeleyes: r u serious...ur so young!
dudewheresmymind: shes done so much for me, n proved her love to me in a way i never imagined. ive given myself completely to her. so much in fact tht we r havin a baby too
thesehazeleyes: WOW
dudewheresmymind: yup
thesehazeleyes: im happy for u
dudewheresmymind: thx.
dudewheesmymind: can u do me a favor?
thesehazeleyes: sure
dudewheresmymind: dont ever message me again
thesehazeleyes: oh. ok. um, sure. can i ask why tho?
dudewheresmymind: if u do all the feelings for u mite come flooding back n i dnt want tht. plus, u dnt deserve to have the rite to talk to me
thesehazeleyes: seems fair
dudewheresmmind: damn rite it is
thesehazeleyes: ok. so ill leave u alone.
dudewheresmymind: good. bye
dudewhersmymind: signed off 9:08 pm




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