“Yes Daddy” A Short Story

She came home to an unlocked door and a room full of candles scattered about. Rose pedals littered on the floor made a path leading upstairs. Putting her things down by the door she latched the chain lock and slowly made her way upstairs, slipping off her high heeled shoes followed by the black pencil skirt he loves so much. She has been anticipating tonight all day. A silly text message led to an hour of sexting during an important board meeting. He then topped it off by sending a picture of his beautiful pink errect cock. Her pussy juices cried a river in her panties. Together for 10 years and he still knows how to keep the excitement alive. I can’t imagine what he would be like if we were married, she thinks as she stops in front of the bedroom where the trail of pedals ended. A soft nudge and the door was open. The room was dark save for the four candles, two on each night table, lit next to the bed. Soft footsteps behind her. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed her mouth from behind and held her waist tightly with the other. “Don’t fucking speak.” It was his voice. Raspy, low, and deep. Authority in his tone. He was finally starting the rape scenario she had been fantasizing about for two years. Skeptical at first, I wonder what made him change his mind…”I’m taking my hand off your mouth. You scream, you die. Got it?” She shook her head like she was scared but her pussy was already throbbing for his cock. He removed his hand gently and spun her on her heels quickly, looking her up and down as he held her in place. His tall, muscular frame towered over her five foot nothing body. He’s not even that tall; about five feet nine. But everything looks huge to short people. “You gonna be a good girl tonight?” His voice was scruffy and deep. It was so sexy. I want him inside me already! She shook her head. “Yes daddy. I’ll do anything you say.” There’s that devilish half grin I fell in love with so many years ago, she thinks as his hands begin undressing her with the patience of a sniper waiting for its kill. With her now naked he takes a step back to examine his prey. Another half grin sent her loins spiraling into sexual oblivion. Her legs quivered. “Come to daddy.” She graciously obliged. She padded towards him. Standing there, naked and unfaltering, she kept her hands to her sides but desperately wanted to reach out and rub the growing bulge in his pants. He took her by the waist and kissed her slow but firmly. Moving to her neck he says, “grab daddy’s cock baby.” Her hand shook with excitement as she fumbled with his belt buckle. Finally pulling his pants down she took his cock in her hand and stroked lightly. Moans escaped his throat as he sucked on her earlobe. He then put a hand on her head and began pushing her down. She fell to her knees and immediately took him in her mouth. His knees buckled a bit but he quickly regained balance as she slurped his penis deep and slow, flicking the head of his penis with her tongue. Minutes later he picked her up in his arms, walked over to the bed, and threw her down. Before she knew what was happening his face was buried between her legs, his tongue deep in the crevaces of her pussy. “Oh my-DADDY!” She screamed as two fingers entered her while his thumb massaged her clit. She came moments later. Panting, she says “Daddy, I need your cock in me. Please daddy.” Without warning (her perference) he flipped her over and inserted his throbbing cock inside her tight vagina. “Ye-yes daddy. Mmmm!” “Is this what you needed?” “Yes daddy. Thank you.” He grabs her hair as he pumps harder into her, moans singing off her throat like a symphony from Slip N Slide Records’ new artist. A firm slap to her ass sends screams of pleasure throughout the room. “Again, daddy. Please.” He slaps both cheeks. She comes harder than before. Pussy juice running down her thighs he take a finger to collect some. He licks it off his finger. “You taste amazing baby.” “Can I taste?” She says in-between breaths. He grabs her hair and spins her around. She takes him in her mouth with feverish delight. “I do taste amazing, daddy.” Without a word he grabs her by the hair and spins her around, smacking both of her ass cheeks again. Minutes later they were coming in unison but not moving from their positions. “I love you daddy.” “Daddy loves you too, baby.” He says while his cock softens inside of her pussy. Ten years later and he still knows how to make my pussy run like the Nile River, she thinks with her own devilish grin.


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