To All Those It Concerns

For all intents & purposes my name is Johnathan Wexler. I am a womanizer, a dick, pervert, and maniacal cheater; the pages that follow will chronologize those facts. Why I chose to put such secrets down into a book so that a stranger may find them, well, that has an explanation. But I won’t tell you what it is on this page. No, you’ll have to understand it for yourself from the pages hereafter. I just pray that a woman finds this book, for that’s who these pages were intended. I have no specific woman to send it to. Actually, that’s not true. I could have easily sent it to one of the women you will be reading about. It could have served as a sort of…apology? for my actions. Doubtful. I guess the eye’s of a stranger can be more honest, more forgiving, than those belonging to someone you already know. Perhaps that is all the explanation you need in wondering why you are reading this book. Should you figure the rest out make note of it- more men like me lurk from around every corner of the world. Arm yourself with the knowledge to prevent what happened to these women to you, should it be a woman reading this of course.


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