Second Intermission

Unsurprisingly, she walked about the office with bags under her eyes. An early trip to the bathroom after having one too many frappuchino’s revealed raccoon eyes.

“Jesus, doll, you don’t look too hot. Get enough sleep last night?”

She grumbled an answer to which her co-worker responded, “a man keep you up? You are walking a bit laboriously.” She laughed and left the restroom. She knew staying up late to read that book wasn’t the smartest idea but could hardly put it down. In fact, she had to leave it home to make sure to get work done.

Her mind wandered back to the mysterious gentleman who calls himself Johnathan Wexler and then the image of a man she once knew floated against it. The two seemed quite similar but they could not be one in the same; the man from her past was not from New York City whereas this Johnathan Wexler had been born here. That may all be speculative but considering the contents being a self-proclaimed “tell all” book there’s no way that could be false.

She applied makeup around her eyes and proceeded back to her desk, typing up memorandums for meetings scheduled throughout the rest of the day along with various legal documents her employer will later require.

Her lunch break proved troublesome- one of her old flames showed up uninvited seeking to apologize over lunch. The meal was accepted but the words weren’t. They felt half hearted and a means to attempt at getting back into her bed, so she pined over the situation with another cup of coffee.

She couldn’t wait for the clock to strike five and once it did she was out the door and back on the train heading for home. She boiled a pot of water for tea while preparing a bath. She dropped in a dime size of lavender scented bubble bath and with her hand, mixed the two. The kettle in her kitchen screamed indicating her water was done. A bag of Earl Grey sat in a Rutgers coffee mug patiently. Adding a teaspoon of honey she stirred the contents and brought it back to the bathroom, setting the mug on the rim of the bathtub on top of the book.

She let her robe drop to her feet and climbed in. The water was perfect and smelled delightful. She took a sip of tea and then with the book in hand lay back and opened to where she had left off.


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