Final Intermission

To avoid any confusion that may arise I must warn you that I am fast forwarding time fourteen months into the future.

Almost immediately following the finalization of the two-weeks’ notice I fell ill and had to be hospitalized for two to three months. My mother, who played no role in the telling of this story so she had been omitted, passed away. It was a blow that set filming behind some. But not time at my new job, secured because of Sofia.

The events listed may have delayed filming the final few scenes left of the movie, but what had almost stopped it indefinitely had been one night a month after the events in the previous chapter.

Ralph had been out on a date with the woman who had been cooking breakfast in our apartment, Clarissa was her name. They were getting serious. This was shocking news and had it not been for this night I would not have learned of such.

He and Clarissa, his girlfriend, had been walking through Bryant Park, which is in the vicinity of her apartment, where the two were held at gunpoint in an attempted robbery. Ralph got bold, one of the two assailants allegedly pulled the trigger during a scuffle, and then Ralph had been shot. The other gunman, in sheer panic according to police, shot Ralph’s girlfriend and then fired upon Ralph as he lay bleeding on the ground. She died instantaneously. Ralph required months of hospitalization.

It has been three months since his full recovery and release from the confines of a hospital bed. He has sought the counseling of a shrink. Ralph appears to be unchanged, but, after a trauma that my best friend has suffered…

I shall also note that despite my time incapacitated there were no changes in my relationships between Wendy and Sofia.

The only difference worth noting is the added pressure brought on by a third party, whom you will now be introduced to…


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