Chapter Twenty-five

Taking a break from work-related material I got up and headed for the kitchen. Ralph and I had gone food shopping the day before so our fridge and pantries were stocked to capacity.

We labeled everything that was our own and what would be shared remained nameless, like eggs or milk.

Ralph had been drinking a lot of organic products of late; labels were not necessary in that case.

Removing two medium sized eggs from its carton, I then placed them in a bowl on the countertop where I planned to whip up an omelette.

Removing my package of cheddar cheese, green and red onions, and a single tomato, I prepared the ingredients and then dumped them into the bowl containing the eggs, finally transferring it all into a frying pan covered in Pam cooking spray.

Five minutes later it was all done.

Along with lunch I removed a can from the 12-pack of Dr. Pepper I bought for $7.99 with my discount card.

I took my plate and drink back into my room.

Sitting at my computer desk I logged back into my laptop and then signed into MySpace.

There were new picture comments as well as new friend requests and messages. It could be one apiece; MySpace pluralizes each but in some cases it’s only been one of something. Had I been the programmer behind this site I would not have implemented such a thing.

I checked the friend requests first. Five in total. Two were spam, one was from a band I had never heard of. Of the last two, one happened to be a friend from the internship. The other was from a girl I didn’t know.

I accepted the two while clicking on the band page. It was an indie punk group. They’re “friends” with Fall Out Boy so I guess that’s how the page administrator found me.

I gave Blurry Eyes, that’s the bands name, a listen via the songs on their page. Not bad.

Clicking the home command I then checked the picture comments. There was just one.

The photo was of the gang and I back in high school. We were dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween. The picture was taken at Melina’s place.

The comment was from Melina: “OMG I forgot about this pic! Take it down pleeeeease!”

Her embarrassment amused me. I giggled as I clicked on her page link and proceeded to leave a comment: take the shame like a champ lmao.

Finally it was on to the messages. No need to click the home key again; your inbox has one of its own.

There were two. One was from the band Blurry Eyes: hey man we see you’re a fan of Fall Out Boy. Please check out our music and give us a shout! Thanks.

I was beginning to find such promotion annoying. Had I not been prompted to do such a thing as “give them a shout” I just might have commented whilst giving their music a chance. I do not appreciate obligations, especially if I didn’t sign up for them.

Deleting the message I then clicked on the next one. It was from Irish Princess, as her profile name says. But I know her as Daisy.

The message reads: Hey! Pretty wild running into you like that. Hope I didn’t interrupt your lunch. If I did let me buy you some to make up for it lol.

I hit the reply button. The next screen was filled with all the content from her message a few “enter” spaces from the top, and the cursor to begin my message blinked at the top left hand corner of the message; the empty space.

“Hey! Yea that was pretty crazy. You didn’t interrupt me in the least. I quite enjoyed your company.” I stopped typing a moment and smirked; a preverbal lightbulb. “But you can still take me out to lunch ;)”

I hit send and then returned to the home page.

There was a bulletin posted by Melina with the headline “birthday approaching…what to do?!” I clicked on her profile. It was decorated with a Mickey Mouse background along with assorted Disney graphics. There was a link in the top right corner of her profile; the source of the background, I presume.

I opened a new tab and opened my own profile. It was the default layout: white background with blue borders and black text. I hit the home button accidentally to discover there was a new message. I clicked the indicator. It was from Daisy again:

“Haha, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not like a lot of conservative girls. Paying for meals does not bother me one bit. In fact, equality is my mantra. Name a time and place, I’ll be there ;)”

I thought about the situation I was presented with. I was not one to jump the gun but given our constant flirting I do believe if I made some move on her the outcome would work in my favor.

I once read that a man had been successful in his extra martial affairs because 1) the women were of completely different social circles and 2) lived varying distances from one another. Basic sociology would suggest that if two people were not of the same “circle” there was almost no way one another could meet. There’s always the tiniest fraction of a chance that fate may intervene. If you were into that sort of theorizing.

The Internet could easily play a role in being caught. One precaution I came up with was to eliminate contact with both Wendy and Sofia online. So that left each meeting by some miraculous chance through some form of human connection.

Wendy was friends with actresses because that’s the path she chose; Hollywood and/or Broadway. Sofia is much older than Wendy and both live in different boroughs of New York with completely different schedules.

With regards to their social activities: the chance of those two meeting, knowing Sofia is not a club woman but a lounge/dive bar fan while Wendy frequented clubs almost three weekends a month meant their lifestyles hindered the possibility of their paths crossing. On top of it all Wendy has no friends with kids nor do any of her friends live in Brooklyn where Sofia and myself currently reside. I don’t recall any living in Queens either. If I’m not mistaken most of Wendy’s friends live in SoHo and Greenwich Village. A Manhattanite that enjoys Manhattan living and doesn’t know anything outside of it: how I loathe the type.

Here’s what I know about Daisy. She lives in the Morris Park section of The Bronx, works in White Plains with her aunt running an Inn, goes to Stony brook University studying Engineering and Applied Science part time. She’s an only child.

The three of them know I live in Brooklyn but Wendy does not know where my office is. Neither does Sofia, actually. Running into Daisy at work had been completely by chance. Otherwise she wouldn’t know either. Wendy and Sofia have been to my apartment while spending the night on several occasions.

I have to eliminate a third person knowing where I live for any possibility of this experiment to work. I shall keep the majority of time spent with Daisy, should it go anywhere, within the confines of The Bronx.

The lightbulb got brighter.

Hitting reply I typed: “there’s a restaurant in an area of The Bronx I’m not sure you’re familiar with, City Island, that I’ve read about but have yet to visit. You can make it up to me there.” I hit send.

Choosing the original tab I browsed the background choices. There were various feminine backgrounds and too many flashy masculine ones. Of them, the lot revolved around drugs, hip hop references, and cars. I stumbled upon one with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles some pages later. It wasn’t too bright or flashy. The clarity of the chosen images were decent. Most of all it put no strain on the eyes whilst reading the information throughout my profile.

I copied the code and then pasted it in the “About Me” section of the profile editing page. After saving I previewed it and felt satisfied.

I closed the tab and then hit the home key. A new message awaited reply: “My goodness I haven’t been to City Island in forever. It’s a date 😉 What’s your schedule for the week like? You know what? Just call me lol here’s my number…”

I called her a few minutes later and by the time we hung up I had set up a date with Daisy for two nights from now.


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