She closed the notebook and just stared at it, uncurling her legs and then setting them on the floor. Well that ended melodramatically, she thought. I mean, I wasn’t expecting that. But it feels…unfinished.

She then opened the notebook to the last page. Upon further inspection she noticed there was a page stuck to what she thought to be the final one.

Carefully she peeled both pages away starting at the edges. Fortunately that’s where the adhesive concluded. The writing on the new final page filled the majority of the lines. It went as follows:

That is pretty much the gist of things. To fill in some gaps: Melina and I are still friends. As I said to her I harbor no ill will towards the situation. I have since kept my end up. She and Ralph struggled with not speaking to one another for a spell until Melina came to her senses, so to speak. They are now dating and have been for quite some time. The movie wasn’t as big of a success in Sundance as we had hoped but it did help Ralph obtain better employment and that is what’s currently making him a household name. As for me, I’m working on shorts that I upload to YouTube. My channel has generated close to ten thousand subscribers and is continuously growing. I am often recognized on the streets of New York which a bit strange but feels very rewarding whenever I am praised or scorned for the work I produce. That’s life.

As for the women listed in this testimonial. Daisy, or Jessica, and I have not spoken to one another since this came to light. Wendy, no surprise to me, attempted contact on two occasions. After the second rejection she “got the hint.” I caught one of her shows on a blind double date one night. She hadn’t seen me which was good news for the gentleman who kissed her and then presented a bouquet of roses to her once the show concluded. Who he is, I do not know nor do I wish to.

To this day I have yet to reach out to Sofia. What could I possibly say other than I’m sorry. My loving her is negated by my breaking her trust. Therefore I have to live with the fact that she very well may have been the love of my life and I pissed it away.

I don’t regret many things. But the decision to forego with this experiment is one of them. I miss her. The way her eyes lit up as she smiled, whether she were teasing me or otherwise. How her hair bounced with every step. The way she applied lotion before bed as if she didn’t naturally appear younger already. Her hands often got rough; I attributed this with the rigorous cleaning she constantly did at the daycare. Here’s what my mother had to say about Sofia: “that woman is over the moon for you. The eyes say more than what words cannot express. You care very deeply for her, too. Do me a favor: pretend that I’m alive in a few years and make me a grandmother. She will make a wonderful mother.”

My mother had never been made aware that Sofia could not bear children. But she was correct nonetheless.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope the words on these pages leave a valuable imprint on your mind about the generality of the male brain because even the ones who you may not think could betray a person oftentimes are who you should have kept your eye on more closely.

She then closed the book and set it on the table. I think I’m done with dating for now, she thought and got up to head for the kitchen where she prepared a pot of coffee and cooked breakfast.

She ate, showered, and then dressed. It was a Saturday and her schedule had been blank. But a thought came to mind that had to be stroked. Placing the notebook into her bag she gathered her belongings and headed for the train. She took a downtown E train to 51st Street where she then transferred for a Queens bound M train.

The trip took an hour and fifteen minutes. Reaching her destination after emerging from the station took five. She was about to ring the bell for the apartment when someone walked out the front door. With a smile she entered, heading for the elevator.

Inside, she pressed the button marked ten and had to suffer through silence and dingy looking overhead lights for a minute. The elevator bounced to a stop, the doors opened on floor ten, and she got out. The apartment was three doors down on the left side of the floor.

She knocked. The occupant was a dear friend of hers, one who seemed down in the dumps of late via her facebook updates. Perhaps the story by this Johnathan Wexler could give her some fresh perspective.

The door opened and she was greeted by her grinning friend.
“Hey! This is a surprise.”
“Sorry to barge in on you like this.”
“Nonsense. Come in, please.”

They both entered and made their way down a narrow hallway to the living room where the TV had been tuned into The Discovery Channel.

“Can I get you anything?”
“No, thanks. I can’t really stay long. I actually came by because I found something you might like to read.”
“How sweet. What is it?”

She took the notebook out of her bag and handed it to her friend.
“I found this in a Starbucks bathroom and couldn’t put it down.”

Her friend flipped to the first page, silently reading the hook that wheeled me in.
“Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to start it.”

She got up and headed for the door with her friend in tow.
“You sure you can’t stay? Feels like its been forever since I last saw you.”

She opened the apartment door and stood in the framing. Turning around she said, “when you’ve read this give me a call. I wanna know your opinion on it. We’ll discuss it over lunch.”

They pinky swore.

She went to turn but stopped suddenly. Looking back at her friend she added “you might want to pay close attention to the section marked ‘Sofia,’ okay? With that, she made her way back to the elevator.


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