Sooner or Later is Irrelevant

Somewhere in one of the corners of the Earth a man is attempting to hook up with a woman via the internet. Most likely correspondence has just begun or began a few hours ago. There is a safe bet that at least 90% of those women being propositioned are turning down those men. Some of the “reasons” women give vary from “you might be a serial killer” to “I’m not having sex with you.” Both end with either an “lol” or “haha” because to them it’s an awkward situation. What women don’t understand is that waiting does nothing but prolong the inevitable.

Let’s look at it from the serial killers perspective. By now everyone should know that serial killers operate on a planning basis. They rarely give in to their urges spontaneously. They have been training themselves not to. Even if you were his “type” there’s no guarantee you would even respond. A man can charm the pants off you via text but that doesn’t take away from human instinct which is why serial killers plan their kills. So even if by some chance you were his “type” but didn’t want to meet up the same day you began talking to him, it further benefits him. More time to prep his kill room and alibi while conducting further research on you to ensure you fall into his traps.

Now let’s look at it from a sexual point of view. More often than not a man is attempting to meet up right away to have sex. Some women will take the bait, some will make a man wait. Meeting women for sex is similar to a serial killers’ regimen. Sure you could have such a strong connection the first couple hours that sleeping with one another seemed like the right move. Or perhaps you’re old fashioned and like the romance to build, as well as your trust in him. Again, like with serial killers, making him wait won’t make a difference. All it means is he’s having sex on a night to be determined.

Incidentally enough there are women who, even after saying “I’m not having sex with you,” are surprised when a man doesn’t call her back even after choosing to have sex with him despite saying otherwise. They will say something along the lines of “I knew he just wanted pussy. Men are dogs.” Assuming as much, why did you sleep with him? You should have stuck to your initial argument of “I’m not having sex with you.” It makes you look like a hypocrite. And an idiot.

There are no safeguards you can put up to protect yourself. Women fall victim to both kinds of men all the time. Several relationships are started on a lie, most of which were perpetrated by men. As soon as they set their sights on you for one reason or several and you’re caught in his web of deceit, it’s over. That charming guy you’ve been talking to for the last two weeks will lead to the local authorities on the hunt for your killer whom they may or may never find. Your boyfriend of several months has led you to believe he is your boyfriend but little do you know to him it’s just a friends with benefits situation. That may explain some of his behavior.

It’s better to find out if he is just using you for sex sooner rather than later. As for your death, well, you could die just stepping outside your front door. Any number of women could be married to a serial killer and not know it. At least you died after a nice date. Lol


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