Drabble #7-8

“Today class,” Mr. Simpson began as he picked up a piece of white chalk and started writing on the blackboard. “We’re going to be talking about good vs evil. Can any of you give me some examples? It can be from literature or pop culture references.”
Mr. Simpson looked about the room as one hand became two, then three, now several.
Pointing towards the back he said, “yes Shawna.”
“Um, Cain and Abel?”
“Interesting. How?”
“He killed his brother for selfish reasons. Murder is evil.”
“Very good. Yes Daniel?”
“Jekyll and Hyde.”
“Excellent. Yes Margaret?”
“Sebastian and Katherine.”
“And who are they?”
“They’re characters from the movie Cruel Intentions.”
“And why’d you choose them?”
“Sebastian was once bad but wanted to be good, and Katherine wouldn’t let him which eventually lead him down the path to evil again.”
“Speaking of, Obi-Wan and Vader.” Jeff shouted.
“Good choices. Anyone else?”
“CatDog. Although a science experiment, Dog is the good half while Cat leads Dog on adventures filled with greed and lust for power. Same with Pinky the Brain.” Serena said with her hand raised.
“I think those are my favorite examples.” Mr. Simpson said with a child-like smile.


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