Ever go on a first date where the chemistry is so strong the two of you don’t want the night to end so after dinner you go for a stroll, talking about any and everything where you happen upon someone playing the sax so you slow dance and just before leaving, drop a $5 in the guy’s donation case. You’ve talked about everything but not enough so the night continues to an all-night diner where you share a giant plate of pasta and slice of pie for dessert. By now the sun is ready to rise but you don’t want the date to end so you head to a hill and, with fingers interlocked, heads leaning against one another, you watch the sun rise talking about any and everything…


Okay, I’m sure not a lot of people have had a date like this (life isn’t a pop punk video) but the idea is simple- you’re having such a great time with one another that you don’t part ways till the sun comes up. You’ve talked your heads off and know everything there is to know about someone, but not really. What do you do on date two when the feeling of conversation topics feels exhausted due to its depletion on date one? Emotionally, where do you go once you have realized you can’t talk to this person with the same enthusiasm present from date one while the crippling doubt that you aren’t as interesting past date one as you once thought? You feel like you’ve known this person for years but it is only the second time you’re seeing one another, yet you have nothing to talk about but you’re still getting to know one another and although you feel like physically that’s what should be the next step realize it is only date two and that is something they just aren’t into yet?


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