Zombies Everywhere!- A Short Story

The single shot was accompanied by a voice shouting “stop!” which then was followed by two more shots, and then a final shout. Only this time the voice had been cracked with fright. The sound lingered through the halls, staircases, all the way up to my place on the sixth floor.

Keying my radio I said “I just heard gunshots.” Lowering the volume in case the perpetrator(s) might hear, the voice on the other end of the radio said “you should get the hell out of there.” I thought that’s what the voice over the radio said but in fact it had been me talking out loud.

The white side of my genes kicked in; I ran down the stairs and continued patrolling as if nothing happened until coming across the body on the fourth floor, east side. Blood was everywhere, not just from the bodies sprawled on their stomachs with through-and-through gunshot wounds, but a pool void of a source.

Keying my radio again I said “call 9-1-1, two cops are dead. Blood present from a third party, possibly the assailant, but no body.”

“I gotchu bro hang tight.” Is all the voice on the other end of the radio said. That’s when I heard the sound of shuffling feet followed by the moans of a desperate attempt to grasp onto life.

Turning, my eyes widened as I found where the blood source had come from. “No fucking way!” I shouted, staggering under my own weight, collapsing over one of the officers. This couldn’t be happening, not in this reality.

I slapped myself as the creature, if that’s what you want to call it, shuffled slowly towards me. It moaned and barred its teeth, snapping them shut and then exposing them once more with a growl of uncontrollable hunger. It wanted my flesh. I wanted to live.

One of the dead cops had his gun in his hand, the smell of cordite hintly wafting in the air. I clutched for it, feeling the cold steel between my fingers, held it at the ready, and fired a single shot to the head. Just like that the creature fell to the floor. All the training I’ve gone through via Resident Evil showed in that single round expulsion.

Keying my radio again I said, “Chavez what’s your 20?”
“Building 6.”
“End your vertical and get your ass to 1. I need backup.”
“Ask ya boy Diaz in the booth for help.”
“What you need brother?” Diaz said.
“I need another body here who knows how to shoot a fucking gun. You guys aren’t gonna believe this shit.”
“Those cops came at you, bro?” Diaz asked.
“No. But…something came at me. Yo. I think it was a zombie.”


“Did y’all hear me?”
“Yea, bro, we copy.” Diaz said. “But that shit isn’t possible.”
“Well I just shot something moaning like a walker with a dead cops’ gun. So I need Chavez to get his ass down here and give me backup.”
“What floor you on I’m by the booth.”
“Copy. I’ll be a minute.”

Two minutes later Chavez got off the elevator where I met him, handing the other dead cops’ gun to him. Upon showing him the scene he then keyed his radio and said, “dude’s not lying. Did you call 9-1-1?”
“Damn. Uhh, yea, lemme do that.”

We grabbed the clips off the dead cops belts with me taking the billy club as well. Chavez followed suit. “I don’t understand why nobody’s come out of their apartment to see what happened.” I said.
“This is the hood, man, people mind their business here.”

We cleared the rest of the building and made our way to the booth. “What’d dispatch say?”
“They’re sending another unit.”
“Did you tell them two cops are dead?”
“Yea nigga whatchu think?”
“More than just one unit are coming.”

Just then a steady scream rang out. The three of us turned to see a body laying face down in front of building 3, blood and brains everywhere.

“The fuck-?!”
“Must’ve fell from one of the windows.”

Another scream from across the street. This time the three of us witnessed a woman being attacked by an unknown male; his face buried in her neck.

“Yo that was Multiple Whips!”
“You sure?”

Multiple Whips was a drunk woman who lived on the property that liked to claim ownership of lots of high end vehicles. May she rest in peace.

Soon, people began running out of their apartment buildings and into the streets, staggering to get away from someone chasing them. Some got away, others just added to the undead body count.

“Yo there’s nothing on Twitter about anybody getting attacked by zombies, my nigga. This shit started here?” Diaz said.

I took my own phone from my pocket and checked. “My timeline says differently.” I scrolled up as pictures of people appeared. Some were just of dead bodies. Other’s were of people posing with them in various scenarios before and after killing one.

All the photos were from New Yorkers.

Approaching sirens. Three RMP’s hit the brakes as bodies began filling out. “We got a report of dead police officers.”

Before any of us could respond more screams of terror rang out as one of the cops was attached while his partner shouted to let him go. The sound of a single gunshot cut through the air as the head of the zombie flew backwards, sending it to the ground.

The cops all then pointed their guns at Chavez while simultaneously yelling for him to drop the gun. I put my hands up while standing in front of him knowing my voice could cut through any shouting.
“You have to listen to me this isn’t what it looks like get on your guard and watch for bodies ambling towards you and shoot them in the head.”

Screams from behind erupted. All our attentions are focused on it. Several people run towards us with others reaching out for them in slow motion. Some succeed. I watch as the cops look on in horror. “That’s what you have to shoot- aim for the head like I said. Someone call SWAT. We’re gonna need all the help we can get.”

We watched the cops go down until all that was left were screaming civilians, more zombies, and lots of unused ammunition to which Chavez and I scooped up and then divided equally between the three of us.

Keeping tabs via Twitter the entire city had fallen, becoming Raccoon City in a matter of an hour. All 5 boroughs were quarantined from the rest of civilization for a week until a press conference by the mayor had been given…

“Good morning. As you all know, approximately seven days ago New York City was gripped by an unusual string of events that claimed the lives of at least a third of its population. Over the course of that time the FBI as well as the NYPD have done extensive investigations as to the cause.

From what we know, the virus had been contracted by a male in his late 20’s living in Harlem eight days ago. According to his bank statements, he was not returning from overseas but in fact had a female guest from the west coast visiting to which he paid for the round-trip ticket. Activities show he dined at a restaurant in Lower Manhattan as well as a Chipotle where he then bought a bottle of alcohol and a device known as a hookah.

From the autopsy of the deceased male, FBI found trace amounts of fecal matter in and around his mouth which were tested and discovered to have particles of the food from the Chipotle. FBI determined that to be the source of the virus that caused this unfortunate event to occur.

I cannot say how it got there so you all can draw your own conclusions. What I can say is that there is still a great deal of of those things walking around the streets of New York. So if you come into contact with one run and seek the aide of local police. If you are not in the position to do so, severe head trauma with a blunt object seems to work best against them.

I urge all residents to act in a civil manner while we work diligently to end this crisis.

Thank You.”


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