Chapter 18

Third period is only five minutes in but the throbbing in my head is causing the day to feel like it had just begun with no end in sight. Normally marijuana has no ill effects but I guess last night’s was a bad batch. Or perhaps after running out of the house so quickly- adrenaline surging- that this is the end result. Either way, this is the last time I smoke.

Last night had been only the third time partaking in the stuff. I only tried it because Charity hadn’t wanted to do it alone and even that day had been surprising. Still don’t know-

“Mr. Davenport?”

I looked up. Mr. Stern was looking at me while folding a piece of paper. “You’re wanted in the dean’s office.”

Crossing my eyebrows I gathered my things and began the slow and agonizing walk through a classroom of the watchful eye of the student body, no doubt one or two exchanging possible gossip headlines.

The hallway was silent save for my echoing footsteps and muffled voices of lessons being given in the passing classrooms. A minute of traversing through the elevator down to the main level I made a right and then left down the long corridor. At the main office door, I knocked. Students weren’t allowed to just willy nilly enter despite being summoned. A muffled voice told me to enter.

Placing my bag in front of me on the floor I said “My name is Chase Davenport. I was pulled out of Mr. Stern’s History II class and told to come in?”
“Yes Mr. Davenport. Dean Schulman would like a word with you. Just one moment.” The receptionist said while pointing to a seat behind me.

I say down, but a minute later got up as the receptionist motioned for me to go behind the counter into the dean’s office. Upon entering, Dean Schulman was standing up behind his desk but wasn’t alone. Two men in suits stood as the door closed behind me, now seeming like they were flanking me.

“Mr. Davenport, sorry for pulling you out of class but these two gentlemen would like a word with you.”

The taller of the two wasted no time outstretching his hand to me. “Detective Nora, this is my partner Detective Smith. We’d like to ask you a few questions.”

The police…

“According to our records you were attending a study group session last right, is that correct?” Detective Nora asked. Both were stern faced. I looked at Dean Schulman who stared blankly at us.
“That’s correct.”
“Want to tell us what happened?”
“What do you mean? It was a study group.”
“Things get a little, I don’t know, out of hand maybe.” Detective Smith said.
“Not to my knowledge. I mean, we all went to sleep fairly late but at the same time, really.”
“You’re here on scholarship is that right?” Detective Nora asked.
“…Yes, but,”
“Must be hard fitting in with this crowd under that circumstance.”
“I’m….making out…just fine. What’s that got to do with anything?”
“You have class with a young lady names Denise Maxwell?” Detective Nora asked.

It started to click. The recognition of the situation must have been written on my face because both detectives gave one another a glance with Smith crossing his arms. “Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable answering these questions down at the station.” Detective Smith.
“I wouldn’t, actually. What’s she saying? I can assure you it’s a complete misunderstanding.”
“Is that so?” Detective Nora.
“So tell us what happened.” Detective Smith.

I knew how these things went. My words would be twisted, and I’d end up being made into a bad guy. But if I refused their simple questioning I might come off as my trying to hide some form of guilt. A lose-lose no matter what.

I took a deep breath and gave a summary of the night having to rat myself out, in a sense, that I had taken an illegal substance while putting emphasis on the events that transpired on the mound with Denise, no doubt that being why they’re here in the first place. The detectives gave each other a look.

“Thank you for your statement. We’ll be touch.” Detective Nora began making his way to the door.
“Wait, that’s it?” I asked.
“For now.” Detective Nora.
“For now?”
“Yes. If we have any more questions we’ll get your information from the Dean.” Detective Smith.
“Why would you need to ask more questions? I just gave you the gist of the night.”
“If your story checks out-.” Detective Smith began.
“What’s Denise’s story, and why was I the only student from last night called in? It was Marshal’s house and we were in the same class just now.”

Both detectives gave each other another look. “As I said,” detective Nora said, “we’ll contact you if necessary.”

With that, the two walked out. A minute later, hall pass in my pocket and my backpack on, I made my way back to History II knowing Denise had most likely accused me of something and that I was in deep shit.


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