Selfie and the City

A “con” I see women list on their dating profiles is wanting to see an absence of selfies on a man’s profile. Why? You’re only required to see what I look like, not if I’m always in social settings. The last thing on my mind while out with friends is taking pictures. We’re fixated on taking pictures to show our peers we have a life instead of actually living one not on our devices.

While I’m on the subject of judgments, women love to critique a man’s choice of recreational activities like playing video games (which has proven to be beneficial to hand-eye coordination) or his music tastes. Excuse me if I like pop punk. Take me to court. I’m not eyeing you sideways because you like the Kardashians (which has done nothing for mankind but make us a little stupider along with other “reality” TV shows), or spend copious amounts of time at various restaurants to give yourselves the title of “foodie” (nobody wants to be labeled yet they give themselves titles…?) We all have our “guilty pleasures”.

I’ve met women who not only listen to Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye (all of whom are severely overrated to me, and don’t even bring up how many records they sell in your argument; country music artists sell out venues yet, apparently, nobody likes the genre), but while in their apartments they also blast music that sounds like something you’d be forced to listen to in a clothing store. How dare you laugh at my wanting to play Fall Out Boy when you’d rather listen to an eight minute fashion show runway track.

Listen, we’re not required to like the same thing in every category, or agree on the same stuff. That’s boring. For whatever reason you like Jay-Z when Nas is better; not my fault you can’t follow complex lyrics while choosing to only pay attention to beats. We can’t always be right.


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