Starving Artist

There’s a reason we’re called “starving artists.” Writer’s do not get the recognition they deserve. When a movie is reviewed what’s brought up is who directed it, or who “made” a character. If it weren’t for the writers actors or directors wouldn’t have work. The movie isn’t gonna write itself.

Take a look at book sales. Agencies sign writers on the marketability of what they’re pitching. I get it; selling books is a business. But- and this has been stated numerous places- if a writer wants to make “big bucks” he/she had better ink in movie rights into the contract. Because heaven forbid a writer got paid the same totals anyone else in the entertainment industry made. That’s what a book is, right; a form of entertainment?

In today’s market if a writer wants to keep more of their money the best route to go would be self-publishing. But that takes knowing how to market yourself, savvy, money, etc. Some of us can’t take that route so we’ll happily give 15% of profit (per standard contract signings) to a man or woman who knows what they’re doing, who has all the connections, who can get our names out there. So, why not learn from the teacher when you haven’t been a student yet? Some do their job better than others. Some don’t even do what they’re paid for (only read on this in my perpetual pursuit in being signed by one). The point is books will always be a hot commodity but writer’s aren’t treated like they are.

Have writer’s ever been able to sustain a living just on book sales? I’m speaking more further into the past than, say, the 80’s. Shakespeare’s time, and fellow cohort’s of the eras. You could walk into an establishment, say you’re a writer, and be respected. Or is this all a delusion? Is that painters, or did they get the same treatment as writer’s (as they do now).

Women don’t even find me interesting upon hearing the word “writer”. Oh they’ll show a marginal amount but once they’ve read a “rant” about the misadventures of my love life they hightail it to the next fellow. Writing is a form of expression; I refuse to limit what I discuss in any of my work for political correctness. If a blurb should bother you and the idea that you’ll become one of those nameless individuals creeps into your subconscious then I suggest never listening to another song, never reading another book, watching another movie, or looking at another painting again because, guess what- ALL artists use the torment in their hearts as fuel for their creative fires. Your favorite book/song/movie/portrait could very well be inspired by an actual experience. Why would you not want to be immortalized for generations to come to adore you, faults and all.


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