Movies with Lessons/Foreshadowing

One of my favorite movies growing up was “Look Who’s Talking.” Everything about that movie is gold. What I mostly remember the movie for came from the imagery of the sperm race to the egg & then Mikey’s growth in Kristie Alley’s stomach, as well as what the (bullshit) “biological clock” is. It also shows you how while Molly (Kristie Alley) chose to be single because of her son and complicated love for a man who was already married with a family/leaving Molly for a much younger woman, it (to me, at least) sends a message to single mother’s that they don’t need a man to raise a child but one is willing to help (James- John Travolta) because they understand the importance of a male role model in a child’s life.

Funny thing is this movie mirrored a few things from my family life. My father wasn’t around (died) and despite my mother marrying a man when I was 7 he did nothing beneficial because I could hardly understand when he spoke (his primary language is Spanish; my mother’s isn’t) so she ultimately raised me by herself (although Mikey ends up with a legit stepfather in the movies). My godmother has a daughter by a man whom she frequently got involved with that was married, as well. In fact a lot of my mother’s friends seemed to have sexual encounters with married men, now that I think about it.

A gem of a movie with interesting foreshadowing elements for my young mind indeed.


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