Pay to Play

I have nothing against prostitution. I’d rather it be legal than women put themselves in dangerous situations for a few dollars she could be killed to get back. But I’m not going to funnel my money into the business.

To my understanding you can’t kiss prostitutes or escorts. I may be in favor of casual sex or fucking on the first date but I need there to be intimacy for the sex to be enjoyable. Otherwise you would be having sex like a porno- they almost never kiss. There’s no buildup. Sometimes there’s not even any foreplay. The guy will just ram his dick inside her. I can’t have sex like that now nor have I ever done it, so why would I start?

My sex drive is screwed up. I can go months without thinking of it then I want it and when I do it turns me into a man opposite myself; I become a savage with a one-track mind. If I’m lucky to be seeing someone it’s what my mind and body focus on 75% of the time, as well. I don’t pursue sex per se. I’ll have stretches where, yes, it’s all I want. Unfortunately we don’t get what we want so easily.

Before this Spring arrived someone on twitter had tweeted “who’s renting their dick out this spring/summer?” I DM’ed her because we’ve actually been following one another for three years and agreed meeting up was long overdue. Never happened. Like so many people she claimed to be a “bad texter” but if you want something why would you slack to obtain it? This was her idea, too. It’s weird because she’s also a new mother and even she jokes about how strange it is that it happened given how badly she responds while tweeting the same thing this post is about without the prostitution, that is.

Sex isn’t a make or break for me. I’d be lying if I said I could live without it, however. I miss the intimacy more than the act itself so it’d be better if I were either dating or in a friends-with-benefits situation. Or if she were a muse which meant if the mood struck and we’re both capable, why not? Sure the same could be applied to the former categories but it’s always been harder to find someone willing to go crazy if we aren’t dating versus us just fooling around. I’ve always found that strange.


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