“Shoot Your Shot”

Any given day I’ll log on to twitter/tumblr and see “personality > looks.” While that may be true we do not wear the former. If we did a lot of us would still be virgins. Humans are visual creatures. If A finds B attractive while being pursued by B and C, B will skip the line because of how they look despite C also developing an emotional connection to A, albeit a different kind. Somehow many have developed this idea that sex with an attractive person is better. But if you’ve taken Tylenol and a generic brand you’ll get the same results, no?

The kind of woman whose looks would intimidate me may be someone like Zendaya who resembles that crush you had in school where each night you said a prayer to every deity hoping they’d acknowledge you. Someone I find attractive but can talk to normally might be someone like America Fererra before she lost the weight and as Ugly Betty; the same intimidation may arise resulting in a similar prayer but in some instances no aide is necessary.

At 23 (I believe) I met a “Zendaya” on a “dating” site called localhookupz now known as provemyself (visit my YouTube channel d3vilr0ckspolos to watch the videos pertaining to both). The end result was me finding out she began a relationship with a guy much taller than me and a couple years older via a MySpace comment he left on her profile.

While intimidated to show initiative she used it to her advantage, bringing up that I was always quiet over the phone. I think I was stupid enough to mention my inadequacies in one of our short phone conversations but I’m also 90% sure she was catfishing me. Bringing up sexual-related topics before we’ve met is one red flag. Another is all of her social media photos were professional because she had been a “model” while living in the West Farms section of The Bronx.

The same butterflies “Zendaya” types before and after this one brought about, many “America Fererra/Ugly Betty” types have come along and have resulted in the same fashion. But you’ll still try to win one over or as the current phrase goes, “shoot your shot.” You may not know what to talk about with “Zendaya” because you want every conversation to have substance, to hold weight against your overall weaknesses because if “Ugly Betty” can see past them why can’t “Zendaya” right?

Whether you meet any of these types you’re bound to come across those you’ll feel were a waste of time because, unfortunately, even Ugly Betty could be just as boring as “Zendaya.” We won’t know until the package is unwrapped. Is the shot worth shooting?


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