Down to Ride

The idea of women being attracted to a financially stable man makes sense. If she’s with him she doesn’t have to worry about a lot of things. One of those being not having to pay for him for every date. But who’s to say the man won’t be financially stable- let’s say- a year from the day they meet. Women oftentimes talk about seeing potential in a man while falling in love with their ambitions. So what happened to being patient and watching him bust his ass to get to that point?

We all want everything handed to us, that’s the problem. Two candidates: one who has a career, the other holds a job but does other things on the side that’s relative to his passions. The man with the career may eventually feel stuck and want to change paths. Yes, the other man might do the same. But the truly ambitious don’t stop working. The career man is the one who will most likely experience the “mid-life crisis.” What do men going through this do? Buy sports cars and cheat with women twenty years younger than them because sitting behind a desk has left them thirsty for their youth, a time that seems like a lifetime ago.

Career men usually strive for management positions that can lead to eventually running either a portion or the entire operation. The other man is looking to make his name a brand, to be a “business, man” as Jay-Z said. That doesn’t come overnight. Entering my thirties finally gave me this positive look on my own future that maybe one day soon I will become just that. After spending half my teenage years and all of my twenties to get to this point I refuse to let the time go to waste.

What makes these women think they deserve to have a man who “has it all” anyway? What are they bringing to the table? A travel buddy? A foodie? Someone to experience things with? Do those things not take time/planning? Love may not pay the bills but if he’s not struggling I don’t see any reason why he doesn’t deserve a chance.

These are opinions based on the exploration into my own self worth. As a creative type there is a lot I’ve given up to make it to this point of my life. Yes, there has yet to be any fruit from the labor. Does that mean I’m not worth it? No. I’m filled with potential I’ve yet to tap into. Resources are out there but the know-how hasn’t been reached. There are plenty of men who became self starters who were worse off than me and women look up to their model as “the standard” but seem to forget the struggles he took to get there. I’m not saying to settle. But how would it be settling if he’s not a bum?


5 thoughts on “Down to Ride

  1. Interesting article, so let me get this right, your saying success isn’t everything it’s the ride getting their? Why are you so occupied with women who chase “successful” men? If I was a guy and a woman wanted me for a free ride, I wouldn’t be happy about it nor should I define the point in your life that you have “made it”

    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Someone shouldn’t reap the benefits of my success if they weren’t willing to watch it blossom. I’m not saying don’t date once successful but if a person brings A B & C to the table and you don’t why do you think you deserve to sit with them?

      1. I understand what your saying 🙂 and I agree with you. You would like someone to be with you through the entire journey and that’s great. It truly is, because there are far too many gold diggers in the world. There is one other factor though, what if you began your journey to success in your early 20’s and never really fell in love until your 30’s….she still would not have been there from the start – right?

      2. The journey has many levels so I think it would vary depending on the circumstances. This doesn’t only apply to romantic relationships but platonic and familial relationships as well.

      3. You have brought up in interesting topic, one that gets debated often. Don’t want to be a pain in the butt- just a good topic 🙂

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