Sex Sells

I was watching Scandal recently on the rare opportunity the TV was free when promos for ABC’s shows “Blood and Oil” and “Quantico” kept repeating. Not new to advertising I was already used to this. One thing I am also used to but have become numb and currently am annoyed with is all the sex being shown on TV. It’s as if writers forgot how to do their job while leaving out messy sexual situations, as if shit can’t “get real” unless genitals are rubbing one another. I also have a gripe with Scandal itself along with another Shondra Rhimes show, one I do not watch however and the gripe is small.

Before the 10/8 airing of Scandal, “Grey’s Anatomy” was wrapping up followed by previews for the next episode. So apparently one of the female doc’s slept with a male intern. In turn she complained to Grey about it while acting childish when the intern was merely walking the corridor. You’re a grown woman who just had sex but are hiding out like a teenager avoiding her crush instead of just confronting a situation head on? Don’t care for character development within the show as a defense because this isn’t the only time I’ve seen this childish behavior and know it won’t be the last.

Now let me move on to Scandal, a show glorifying the “side chick” role while Mellie Grant, the first lady of the US, acts like a child because her husband no longer loves her and hasn’t loved her for YEARS but she’s too stupid to realize it or care so she, too, lashes out in a child-like manner. While I’m on the subject of Fitz’s long fleeting love for her I want to know why no fan has never openly questioned who the father to that baby is because it cannot possibly belong to Fitz. He couldn’t bear to let her blow him in the shower during season one (or maybe two) let alone work up enough courage to have sex with her. Getting real tired of Mellie repeatedly saying “I’ve sacrificed so much for you” because it doesn’t matter any more. Fitz doesn’t love Mellie the way she wants him to and guilt tripping him into staying is a form of abuse, much like the act of cheating as a whole.

Finally, let’s talk about the commercials for “Blood and Oil” and “Quantico”. The former is full of nothing but sex in its promos it’s disgusting. That’s all rich people do, apparently. But their relationships flicker out because of lack of love…? BO-RING. Ironically Chase Crawford who stars in the show seems to be typecast into nothing but stuff about rich people, having played a similar role in Gossip Girl. Okay maybe he’s not rich but will get there once he strikes oil. Hence the name. Remember when he had that affair with the older woman while still in high school? Male rape. Why isn’t that talked about? No, everyone only cared about Chuck and Blair’s ridiculous impossible relationship. The adults in that show also used to act the way the doc in Grey’s Anatomy reacted. How is this half assed writing still the norm?

Moving on. “Quantico” is a show about FBI recruits and in no way need characters having sex but not surprisingly the writers decided “let’s sex up the show” in what looks like a woman using her body as a weapon to deceive men. Sure it may have been an influx in the promos for the episode coming up the day I watched Scandal but do you really think that’ll be the end of it?

Remember when characters would say “all’s fair in love and war” as if having emotions was a bad thing and using others for personal gain was normal? These women aren’t even owning their sexuality it’s a means to justify an end. No wonder men- young and old- still act in a misogynistic manner. Who comes up with this drivel and why are folks continuing to be entertained by it. I’ve had enough of it.


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