Drabble #50

The train jerks forward then slowly begins its steady roll out of the Parkchester station. A gentleman sits across from the two along with his own female companion.

From the corner of his eye he see’s the gentleman watching them as he carries on a conversation with the lady. In a lax of talking he then asks if the two are dating. No, he replies. “But you want to be.” Both look at each other & then away.

“You’re both good looking together & from what I’ve heard him say” the gentleman is now addressing the woman across from him, “you’d have a good man on your hands.”

He knows this. She knows this. But if she felt that way there would be no issue. Instead, she chose to spread her time between him and another guy ultimately choosing the latter knowing he doesn’t deserve to be an option but keeps him around as one anyway with him torturing himself.


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