Drabble #51

Hoards of Straphangers shoved themselves into the train leaving very little wriggle room. The conductor closed the doors, opened them, then finally got them fully closed, taking off for the next station.

The woman in front of you is beautiful in a “no way she’s real” sense. But she’s looking at you and you at her until you realize her eyes are darting away and then back behind you.

There’s a man looking at her with wicked savagery in his eyes. “Can you pretend we’re together?” The woman says but your eyes bulge not quite grasping her words. In a flash you put it together delivering a quick-draw joke that leaves her head on your shoulders, rolling with laughter.

Next stop the man gets off with scorn now on his face. “Thanks for that. You’re the best fake boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

While the words faintly stung at least she’s safe. You’ll take it.


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