Request Sent

If you aren’t new to social media then I’m sure you’ve been acquainted with seeing unfamiliar faces in your request folder. Since MySpace it’s been a practice of not only musicians who see you’ve commented on bands who they claim to sound like to porn stars to the regular Joe from your city (or hundreds of miles away). It’s now a practice on Twitter and Instagram should their account be private. Men send requests to women they obviously want to hook up with (which I’m sure 8/10 women already assume upon seeing it). Some folks on Twitter only want to be followed by those they know in real life (which is boring in my opinion) but still accept the request anyway.

Asking questions comes with the territory of social media, hence the name. You put content out there you’re bound to draw curiosity regardless of the medium. If they aren’t being rude why are you acting in such a way while adding “who are you?” My question to folks who complain about this: if you don’t know them why did you accept the request to begin with? You don’t even need privacy parameters to keep this from happening; if a face looks unfamiliar, delete the request and block them. Problem solved.


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