Client 3: Marty

“Hey baby girl.”
“Hi daddy. How are you?”
“Tired. Stressed. The 9-5 is sucking my soul dry.”
“Mmm sounds like you need someone to suck something else dry.”
“You dirty girl. You remind me of someone I recently took on a date.”
“Was she pretty, daddy?”
“Red hair, green eyes, incredible bust. Legs that just won’t quit.”
“My pussy is wet.”
“I picked her up on time, opened the door for her and everything. You know, all that good stuff.”
“My nipples get hard for chivalry.”
“I made reservations at this great little joint on the main road. Hard place to get a table for a Friday night.”
“You’re such a big shot daddy.”
“She ordered the steak rare which I laughed at. This girl seriously doesn’t look like she eats anything. But, I was impressed. Ordered the best wine for her.”
“You’re so sweet daddy.”
“We took a stroll on the boardwalk to get the wine out of our system. Overlooking the ocean she said something, can’t remember what. It triggered me. I had to have her. So we went back to my car.”
“My pussy is throbbing for your dick daddy.”
“While we were kissing like a bunch of teenagers I reached for her throat. I could tell it excited her. But the light of that heat quickly drowned in fear as I gripped tighter. Her face began turning as red as her hair, eyes shimmering in the moonlight. She tried slapping and punching me away but I’ve about two hundred pounds on her; there was no escape. How’s your pussy doing baby girl?”
“It’s waiting for you daddy.”
“Her body fell limp in my hands, head falling on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead, such a lovely girl. I dragged her to the backseat and had my way with her. Pussy still warm and moist, I love that. Even in death they still want it. Anyway, I drove out to the cliffs. Surprisingly quiet with it being summer and all. I put her to rest under this beautiful tree. Perfect specimen for picnics and first kisses. Thinking about going up there to visit soon. What do you think baby girl?”
“I came for you daddy. You’re amazing.”
“You’re such a good girl.”


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