“Yea, but…”

My phone is, as the kids say, “dry af (as fuck)” almost all of the time. Nobody sends messages of any kind to me first on any mode of communication. If I’m not doing the corresponding I wouldn’t hear from folks. I’m already hoping to not be sending too much or too little. But you can’t please everyone.

I’ll go a couple days without texting first and suddenly I’m no longer interested, in their eyes. “Yea but I don’t message people first because I don’t want to come off as needy.” Excuse me…?

Listen. Put your goddamn pride aside and send the man you like a message, or if you just want some dick stop being stupid and go get it; screw the “chase.” You think we’re not tired of rejection, of feeling like we aren’t wanted? When y’all do this the pursuit becomes one-sided. I’m in charge of doing everything while you contribute nothing but you say you’re “so interesting” well where are the facts because now I can see why you’re having trouble finding a second date or only date a man for a month.

This jaded game everyone enjoys playing is not for me. I’ll take being single for the rest of my life until this is eradicated from the dating scene than putting up with this. Same goes for trying to make friends and getting a fuck buddy, too. My best friend is a woman and this wasn’t or has ever been an issue. I’m glad she’s found someone where this nonsense is no longer in her life. As for me, well, I wrote a post about women not wanting their pride bruised so they choose not to text men while being completely oblivious to the fact that this childish behavior is doing more harm than good.

I’m not saying all women do this. I’m speaking about the dating scene in New York, a city with so many people looking for some type of connection but are all trying to beat each other at the same dumb ass game.


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