Drabble #57

Porn does nothing for me, he thought as the thumbnail to each video displayed women of different sizes and colors open mouthed waiting for a dick to be inserted or semen already dripping from their chins, to various sex positions. He closed the tab and began perusing a cam site where the same content was available only in real time rather than pre-recorded.

As he clicked from one show of a woman not doing anything- not even talking, just staring at her screen while music played- to another shoving a cucumber up her ass, he longed for the days of looking forward to seeing “nudity” in the R-rated subtext knowing just a glimmer of a boob was more than enough and full frontal nudity came while jerking his baby meat during late night Cinemax After Dark sessions meant dry humping on skin with lots of bush.

He missed those days very much.


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