Alternate Timeline

“What if” theories aren’t new to mainstream pop culture storylines or even basic human thought. My own theory on the subject (unless it’s already been stated) is when a fork is presented and we choose one, an invisible version of ourselves lives a life within the unchosen line. Or if an event changes/shapes us there’s another us living a life that knows nothing of said event(s).

For me, this alternate timeline began while still in the womb: the day my father was murdered. The alternate me gets to live with him in a life where he and my mother got married, moving us upstate. This alternate me knows nothing of perpetual jealousy upon seeing offspring and parent(s) getting along especially father and son(s). This alternate me wouldn’t have to live with decisions based on one parent which caused us to live in a homeless shelter.

But what if this happened in every fork…

The next time possible would come in 1999. In the fork, with every memory to the date, alternate me doesn’t have to report to summer school for failing the state-wide math test where he isn’t told taking it is not necessary and that passing the summer school math class is all he needs to proceed to high school. This alternate me doesn’t get left back but rather reports for freshman orientation at Stevenson high school in September. This alternate me knows nothing of “No More Social Promotion” headlines.

The drawback to these alternate timelines is most may not contain my passion for writing or allowed it to flourish. The 1999 alternate me wouldn’t know what it’s like to have his work anticipated by his peers. He may not even be writing at all. After all, had it not been for this occurring junior year of high school (senior year in the alternate reality) the me of present day may not even be posting this at all.

None of these early timelines may even have left New York to work for Disney World. The idea came from someone I met at college, one I may not have even attended in either of these timelines.

But what about people you’ve met that shaped decisions…

If in reality I didn’t get left back I may not have become obsessed with Pokemon along with two of my closest friends. Or perhaps I would have and friends would be made during lunch with other Pokemon enthusiasts. Perhaps if I were a freshman in high school I still would have shoplifted and had to be picked up at my local precinct like the present day me did.

What about the women in your life…

Every alternate me is experiencing a healthy relationship with each ghost present day me is being haunted by that I thought would last more than a night with.

Maybe this why we experience déjà vu. Millions of ghosts from unmade decisions living based on them with every memory from that moment transferred into their subconscious now going about their day in lives we’ll never know.

Somewhere in one of these alternate realities I’m living the maximum potential of the social definition of “happy.” The real me has his still buffering. It’s still comforting to know I am happy somewhere.


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