Client 4: Tommy

“….hi there.”
“Hi daddy, how are you tonight?”
“ not call me that, please?”
“Whatever you want sugar. You got a name?”
“Doesn’t sound very convincing, Tommy.”
“I’ve had enough practice.”
“What do you mean?”
“You ever hear the same thing so often you end up becoming the opposite, uhh, what’s your name again?”
“Call me Candy Cane.”
“Okay, Candy Cane, do you know what I mean?”
“My mother used to tell me I could be anything I wanted when I was a kid. Look at me now.”
“This isn’t what you wanted to do, is it?”
“Did you wanna call up a hotline and talk a girls ear off?”
“Now tell me what’s on your mind, Tommy.”
“People tell me I’m this really great guy. Sweet, interesting, all that stuff. But if I am then why has it been so hard for me to find someone?”
“How old are you Tommy?”
“Not too old but not young enough.”
“My thoughts exactly. I know my worth isn’t measured by the opinion of others. But how can I be one thing while being treated an entirely different way?”
“You sound college educated.”
“I…what does that have to do with anything?”
“It means you’re very smart, aware of your surroundings, and can’t do anything to control it. This makes you mad. You need control. You don’t want to force it, though. Tell me, Tommy, are you a Dom? Maybe one just getting his footing in the world, maybe just one unsure of himself altogether.”
“I thought so. The tone in your voice is shaky. You’re thinking of harming yourself, figure if you can’t gain control of what’s around you then what’s the point.”
“S..something like that.”
“Don’t fret Tommy. There are more women than men in the world. Someone will appreciate you, even if you don’t think nobody will.”
“What do I do to combat the repetition of my life?”
“Always step out of line. Wars were not won by those who stood still.”
“You might be right. This may not be what you wanted to do but you’re good at it.”
“Goodbye Tommy.”
“Thank you, Candy Cane.”


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