Drabble #63

A quick turn of the steering wheel and I was flying down the avenue faster than I should have been going. Tires marking the street, I pushed hard on the brakes with a somehow smooth parking maneuver behind an SUV in front of my destination.

Car off, alarm activated, I ran for the front door while hitting the bell. What seemed like forever a face finally emerged from the other side of the door. I was then greeted with enthusiastic hugs and faux warnings about treating the woman having my baby right.

Kissing the love of my life she could sense the urgency in my voice and why I was dancing in place so she pointed me in the right direction. At the top of the stairs, however, the Head of Household had other plans.

“Jim! Glad you could pick your wife up on time.”
“Hi Grace. Li-”
“We’re all so proud of Kim and how well she’s been handling her first pregnancy. Finally joining the ranks of mommy and all.”
“Same, but, listen, I-”
“Remember when you fucked the shit out of me that one night and I thought I’d never see you again, but to my surprise you were now dating my coworker. Small world!”
“Grace! Goldman it. I’m 3 seconds from painting the walls yellow. Now please move or I’ll claim this house as my own since I’m such a dog in your eyes.”

Finally out of my way, I ran into the bathroom and lifted the seat along with its cover, and let a steaming yellow trail out of my Proton Pack with sex noises raining from my throat.


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