You know what I hate about shows/movies about rich people? The quasi-typical backstory of the young male characters. The parents weren’t around to fulfill their duties so they had the nanny/maids basically raise them. Not only were they mother and father to them in the traditional sense but also, and this is coming from the memory of Chuck Bass talking about his many sexual escapades as a child (technically he still was since he was in high school when the show started) rich sons would frequently sleep with said maids/nanny. That’s rape. How do you give this kind of backstory and have the audacity to turn them into sex symbols.

Now I know this isn’t only talked about in this type of medium but had this been an episode of SVU it would be treated like a rape case, as it should be. No, the media normalizes a little boy who is just learning how his penis functions and dealing with controlling urinal releases but now, unbeknownst to him, he’s being traumatized by telling him he has to use the erections he cannot possibly fathom at that age. Multiple times by different women.

Chuck Bass was raped and all they could do is give him mommy issues for a ghost. I only watched Gossip Girl till season 3 where it looked as though he would be killed off. Having never read the novels I don’t know the difference of backstory for each but I do know, upon minuscule research, he’s very openly bisexual in the novels. They call Chuck Bass “a would-be Casanova than a seasoned predator” in the show but he practically raped Jenny Humphrey and Serena in the pilot, and how he preys on the minds of all the women- young and old- he eventually sleeps with is very predatory. There is no difference between a Casanova and predator which makes sense due to his backstory; trauma oftentimes produces this type of result.

Nate Archibald had an affair with an older married woman at the beginning of I believe season 2- I don’t recall his age but even if he was the legal consenting age in NY, which is 17, this woman still preyed on him. The show turned this into a comedy routine of “oh shit let’s not get caught by my husband” instead.

The celebration of this is why making it seem okay for boys to have sex at such a young age is so detrimental, and must stop.


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