Drabble #64

The line began growing shorter, not much longer till we were face to face again after a year. It’s my fault all this time has passed so nobody’s to blame but me.

Three more people in front of me. The anticipation was building faster than I could handle. I miss him. We were okay while together. I don’t know why I had to run. Being scared is not a reason. Not one I can accept, at least.

He looked at me! I could swear we made direct eye contact nust now. As a deep breath was taken someone came around his chair and wrapped their arms around him. He looked back, laughed, and the two kissed each other lovingly. She’s beautiful; afro-curls, smooth brown skin. I can see why. The combination of her skin tone and his white skin and features match quite nicely, too.

Realization finally set in. I took too much time. I knew he wouldn’t be on the market forever. He deserves this.

We made eye contact again. In that moment I knew he recognized (maybe even was surprised/happy to see?) me but with this girl next to him giving the same look as he was, both understood why I had been standing there. And they both gave out a faint laugh as I approached the table, handing him a copy of his new book to sign, the letter burning in my purse now utterly useless.


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