Drabble #69

“What are you doing?”
“Getting into my pj’s, what’s it look like?”
“Aren’t you going back out soon?”
“Tonight. Sever hours from now.”
“So why are you getting undressed just to change back?”
“I’m not wearing the same outfit, number one.” He got into bed with the covers pulled tightly around him.
“And number two?”
After a sigh he said “I need to refuel.”
“I don’t get it.”
Another sigh, more at having to explain the unexplainable rather than at his brother’s line of questioning. “My mental energy is depleting, I need to recharge.”
“And you can do that by, what, taking a nap?”
“Why do you think all of my plans are spaced so far apart from each other should, they fall on the same day.”
“So….wait. You’re telling me the act of going out is tiring to you?”
“Yes. Even if there’s no social interactions involved. If there are, my mental energy is wiped completely.”
“What then?”
“I stay home for a week. Two, if I have my way.”
“Huh.” In that syllable he could tell his brother understood a lot not just about his social calendar but love life as well. It took him this long to decipher the behavior and by doing so can now fathom why this has been so difficult to discuss with potential mates. “See you in a few hours then.”
His brother closed the door behind him as he made his way towards the kitchen.


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