Drabble #71

“I’ve never walked the tracks before.” The first man said.
“I never want to again.” The second man said.
“As if you had a choice tonight. It’s too dangerous to go back topside.” The first man said.
“And what makes you think we won’t encounter hostiles in here?” The third man said.

Just then a shadown began dancing in the faint distance of the flashlight’s beam. They raised the beams, crossing them, to be greeted by a pillar of smoke. No, not smoke; but it moved as such. The faux apparition rippled as it inched closer, bringing with it the sound of millions of feet clicking together and wings flapping.


The words instantly became choked as the thing swept over him, then his companion. Just as the third made a turn to run, pieces of it fell from its body and then began to disperse. Roaches. Household roaches. Millions of them, and they were now on his tail.


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