Client 5: Tex

“Well don’t you sound sexy.”
“Thank you, sweetie. You sound quite handsome yourself.”
“What’s your name? Call me Tex.”
“Call me Candy, sugar.”
“You’re not one of them colored girls are you?”
“You pressed one for Caucasian, didn’t you?”
“Sure did, but I’ve called these here numbers before, and when I asked for a white woman the operator connected me to some girl calling from Mex-ee-co. I want what I ask for. I’m paying good money to talk to you ladies.”
“Well you’ve got yourself a true blonde haired, blue-eyed lady.”
“Where ya from?”
“Wherever you want me to be from.”
“That’s not what I asked, damnit.”
“From Tennessee.”
“That’s what I thought. You sound like a girl I knew from up there.”
“Was she special?”
“Not at all. Gave her the business once or twice. Speaking of, I’ve got my piece in my hand. Bet it’s the biggest you’ve ever seen in your goddamn life.”
“It is, sugar. What would you like me to do with it? If I can handle it, of course.”
“You can’t handle it. But just talk. Your voice reminds me of my sister. Getting my motor all revved up. Tell me about yourself.”
“Well, sugar, I’m eighteen, from Tennessee. My daddy is a doctor, mom stays home. Brother is All State in college.”
“No shit? Bet I know him. What’s his name?”
“I can’t give out that information, sugar. How’s the stroking going?”
“I want you to lick my anus now, make sure to stick a finger in there, and don’t stop talking. Did your daddy ever touch you?”
“Do you want him to have done that?”
“That’s not what I asked, damnit.”
“Sorry sugar. No, he didn’t touch me.”
“Figures. Although can’t say I’m not surprised, what with you in this line of work and all. If you were my daughter you’d never leave the house.”
“Tied to the bed all day?”
“Nope. Basement.”
“Same thing, when you think about it.”
“I ain’t trying to think. Speaking of, open your mouth. I’m ready to come.”
“It’s ready for your fat load, sugar.”
*Inaudible groaning, heavy sighing*
“Fattest load you ever been fed?”
“The fattest. Thank you.”


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