Kink Shaming

As I’ve gotten older the desire for experimentation is ever present. Trouble is, I’m meeting too many women who won’t even give head. Because of this I haven’t been in a position to ever try anything new. Hell it’s still a surprise that 8/10 of the women I sleep with give dry, nearly motionless blowjobs. How can I expect to do anything remotely “crazy” when it’s such a bother to go down on me?

On Twitter, the topic of ass eating makes its way onto my timeline at least 5 days a week. Women “expect” us to do it but shame men for even thinking about wanting it done to them. A man can’t even get a finger in his booty without being laughed at in this country as if its our fault our G-spot was put there. Watch amateur porn featuring European couples. Women willingly eat their male partner’s ass, suck his nipples, etc. Nipples aren’t an exclusive “spot” for women anyway. Breasts aren’t even sexual organs, they just so happen to have pleasure sensors. So why’s it such a shock that a man wants his dialed? Watch Asian porn; it’s well received. Pun intended.

Who’s to say a finger in the booty is the key to better orgasms for men. Maybe every load we’ve shot has been lackluster despite its amount and distance because we’re scared to traverse past our balls. The space between the balls and butthole is sensitive as it is; maybe it’s a good place to start. Just remember: it’s not gay to like it, especially if a woman is performing the act. If it is then when a lesbian uses a strap-on/vibrator it’s straight sex. If that sounds stupid to you stop grumbling about having your butt touched and try it. Would it really be the end of the world if you liked it? Sounds more like it’d be beginning.

With all that’s been said you couldn’t even ask me if I’d try any of the above because if I’m having so much trouble getting blown how the hell could I possibly ever expect to have that area explored even if it were the nipples to start with. I’m also aware these aren’t “kinks” per se and someone interested in BDSM (another area I’ve yet to get into, unfortunately) I couldn’t list them all as there are too many out there to delve into, but booty and nipple play on men is always taboo on the internet on both sides. So I chose to touch base on them.

I don’t kink shame unless we’re talking poop, piss, and vomit. That’s just….no.


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