Drabble #73

“That’s ludicrous.” He said.
“Not it’s not. You just don’t like that I’m right.” She said.
“You aren’t, but you are entitled to your opinion.”
“One that is correct.” She said, adding a little smile at the end.
“So even when a man is wrong they should always, under no circumstance, go against the woman so as to not incure her wrath. As you put it.”
“Saves everyone time from having an argument, one they won’t win either way.” She said matter of factly.
“That line of thinking is manipulative and, therefore, abusive.” He said, wiping nothing from his mouth with the table napkin.
“Would you two care for anything else?” The waiter asked as he stood between them.
“Yes. The check, on separate tabs. Please.”
“Certainly, sir.”
As the waiter walked off he said, “I refuse to sit with someone who thinks it’s okay to manipulate a person, especially when not ten minutes ago they spoke of someone doing so to them, causing emotional damage.” He said as the check came.

He quickly grabbed his things and paid at the front, never once looking back. But wanted to, if only to relish in her stunned expression.


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