Drabble #77

Him: I don’t think that’s right at all.
Her: And why do you feel this way?
Him: Because it isn’t about masculinity being fragile but rather the willingness of women into the idea.
Her: Here we go again; another man blaming women for their problems.
Him: How is it my fault you aren’t willing to stimulate a man’s g-spot while in the next breath complaining that we “should know” where yours is? Not every woman is into butt stuff, and add into the possibility of having to do it to men…it makes them cringe.
Her: Well I know plenty of women into the idea.
Him: Aren’t women always saying “don’t tell me about my experience”? Look, there are men who don’t know where the clit is, just like there are women who don’t know how to perform oral sex. Why’s it so difficult to admit both sexes aren’t as “freaky” as they claim when there are still a number of them not even willing to do anything butt related.
Her: Are you willing?
Him: Yes, but it’s all about preferences. And that won’t change, neither will this argument since one side doesn’t want to take their share of the blame.


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