Good News- A Short Story

Of all the people I’ve tried keeping in my life only three chose to remain. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a number. Less dates to remember, names attached to events, things like that. So when it came to letting those closest to me know that Dave and I are getting married, telling the big news was far easier than folks made it out to be.

I guess that’s just the times we live in; sharing information is so easy we tend to not think about it. But I do. After a guy I went on one date with showed up at my office and then my apartment doorstep a few months after moving to New York, I knew giving out the least amount of things about me would insure my safety.

Dave made “working for it” seem like breathing. I was so quick to let my guard down with him, but, you sometimes can’t help it when that spark hits. You know the one I’m talking about. Dave came into my life in a completely non-romantic capacity. I didn’t even think we’d stay friends. But all of that is irrelevant. Time to send out these invitations.

That Friday…

Ash dropped the thick pile of mail on the table along with his keys, taking off his blazer as he headed towards the kitchen. Gary was in there cooking up a storm, as usual. Ash came up from behind him and planted a kiss on the nape of Gary’s neck. “How was work?” Gary asked. “The presentation went well. Sealed the contract. Next few months look to be filled with nonsensical paperwork. Ya-hoo. Mail’s on the table, by the way.”

Ash took off his tie as Gary set the skillet to a low heat setting then headed for the living room. A minute later Gary shouted “we got a letter from Lucy. Smells of lavender. Envelope looks fancy.”

“What’d she write?”

A moment later Gary said “it’s a wedding invitation.”

Ash appeared in the hall. “Who’s the guy?”

“Dave.” Gary looked at Ash. “Wasn’t she dating someone named Steve?”

“I thought his name was Brent.”

“Brent was last year.”

“I thought Mike was last year?”

“Mike and Tristan were last year.”

“Who the hell is Tristan?”

“Who the hell is Dave?”

Beside Gary, Ash looked down at the invitation, noting the date. “The wedding is for three months from now.”

“Should we send our congrats?”

“I guess, even if we don’t know who this fellow is.”

“Perhaps we’ve met him and just didn’t know his name.” Said Gary.

Ash shrugged. “We’ll find out soon enough. Where’s the venue?”

“SoHo, from the looks of the address.” Gary said to which Ash sucked his teeth. “Guess I’ll have to brave going below fourteenth street. Wouldn’t do it for anybody else, though. After all it’s because of Lucy that we’re together.”

Ash lovingly kissed Gary on the cheek as Gary went back into the kitchen to finish dinner.

The Following Monday…

“Here you are Linda.”

“Thanks, George.”

Linda took the pile of different sized envelopes from George and placed them on her desk. She’d go through them once the deposition had been typed. As Linda came to the concluding paragraph she noticed the smell of lavender wafting from somewhere close by. The scent reminded her of clean clothes and Saturday mornings at her mom’s house in Nebraska. She loved the little house but had to move out and so she did once the college furthest away accepted her. Now living in New York for the past seven years she sometimes longed for the quiet of her childhood home.

Done with the deposition she began rummaging through the mail pile when she found the source of the smell in the shape of a neatly sealed envelope with familiar script on the body. Ripping it open Linda discovered it to be a wedding invitation from a dear friend, but one she had begun to lose touch with as work grew more intense. Linda knew Lucy’s life like the back of her hand, especially the romantic endeavors of it, but Linda had to cross her eyebrows at the name accompanying her friend’s. Who is Dave?

Linda searched the image Rolodex in her mind and could not come up with a solid picture. Using the full name provided on the invite a quick Google search came up empty as well, not even the people at the venue had information on him. What is my good friend Lucy getting herself into, Linda thought as she swiveled around in her chair to make her way to the office pantry.

That Thursday…

“Mail’s waiting for you on your desk, Jess.”

“Thanks Hank.”

Jess made her way from the conference room, finishing up the setup for the three pm meeting, and made her way back to her desk. It was cluttered with paperwork and with the addition of several large manila folders, FedEx envelopes, and now various personal items it would take at least an hour to sift through it.

Nearly done almost two hours later Jess stumbled upon a lovely smelling envelope addressed to her. She told her friends that if anything significant was happening in their lives to send pertinent information to her work place. The envelope, after opening it, made Jess jump for joy to the point where she had to rush to the ladies room to continue her little happy dance.

Jess had to tip her cap to herself. If it weren’t for her Lucy never would have met Dave. Oh Jess will let Lucy think they met by chance but she knew what was best for her friend. She still couldn’t believe it had only been three years since she and Lucy first met in the bathroom of that bar after excusing themselves from the clutches of abominable first dates. Now two years after meeting Dave her bestie was tying the knot!

A twinge of jealousy suddenly hit. Jess always thought she would be the one sending out an invitation to Lucy. But, no matter, Jess wouldn’t mind living vicariously through her closest confidant.


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