Drabble #86

Her breath was labored as he got off of her, laying in the cool space beside her sweaty body. She let out a laugh she tried to conceal as she looked at him. The next string of laughter she did not, however.

“Where the hell have you been hiding my whole life?” She asked, placing a hand on his chest which was matted with sweat. “Women like you don’t talk to men like me, and when it happens it’s because you feel pity for us. We don’t want nor need it. You wouldn’t be this surprised by my abilities if you fucked us more often.”

“I’d rather just be fucking you.” She said as she licked his ear seemingly ready for round three.

That’s what this was; a pity fuck. Doesn’t matter how you slice it, though- he got laid, and with a dime to boot. If her attitude matched her exterior, however, he considered letting the charade continue. But his pride wouldn’t let him.

She’s probably never been rejected in her life. Time for her to experience it.


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