Drabble #87

@Jamilla: lol I saw this guy on the L train. White and nerdy type. He looked high lol like “hey lil dangerous white boy *kissie emoji* lol”

@Jamilla: I wonder kind of high he had. He looked like he wanted to holla but thought I wouldn’t go for him.

@Jamilla Not to say I’m tooting my own horn. Hear me out.

@Jamilla: white and nerdy dudes look like they should be dating black girls like me.

@Jamilla: Light- to- moca brown afro ladies with scruffy white boys with thick black frames just look *cute* together.

@Jamilla: lol I know that don’t make sense. But here: Shawn Hunter (with or without glasses works just fine) & Angela. Boy Meets World. Iris West and Barry Allen in The Flash. That kind of black girl-white boy couple. It. Just. Looks. Cute.

@Jamilla: wish more knew we liked them & that if they said hi we wouldn’t roll our eyes about your worry for me not wanting to be spoken to in public (but where and how do we meet?).


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