Client 6: Archie

“Hey princess.”
“Hi daddy, how are you? What’s your name?”
“I’m good, honey. Albeit a bit tired. Call me Archie. How’s your night going?”
“It’s better now. Tell me why you’re tired, daddy.”
“Had to handle some physically taxing work. But, it had to be done.”
“Is daddy a handyman?”
“Not the kind you’re thinking of. Tell me, are you a blonde?”
“I’m whatever daddy wants me to be.”
“Very well. How about things you’re into, sexually.”
“Whatever daddy likes, I like.”
“You into rape fantasies?”
“Mmm, intriguing daddy.”
“I’m coming from behind you as you unlock your apartment door. Real quiet, you never know a soul is nearby until it’s too late.”
“Is your hand over my mouth?”
“Yes it is. Don’t scream or I’ll kill you where we stand. Understood?”
“Yes daddy, I won’t scream.”
“Good girl. Now, I shove you into your apartment, locking the door behind me. Bolt and all. I shove you deeper into the apartment until we’re at the foot of the bed. It’s big. Perfect.”
“I love sleeping with a lot of space.”
“Oh you’ll be doing some sleeping alright. I twist you around, you look so scared. It fills me with pleasure. I remove the hand from over your mouth and wrap it around your throat.”
“Not too tight daddy.”
“Don’t tell daddy what to do, little girl!”
“I’m sorry daddy.”
“You yell in pain as I remove your yoga pants. I’ve been following you for days. Today you’re returning from the gym. Perfect time to make my move. I push you onto the bed. You try to scamper away.”
“Can’t make it too easy for daddy.”
“Daddy hates when it’s easy. Fast girls like you need to be taught some discipline.”
“You’re gonna set me straight daddy?”
“Damn right. My cock is rock hard. You’re trying to scream but can’t on account of my hand around your throat. I thrust myself inside you. You’re crying. You’ve never been more beautiful.”
“Thank you daddy. Are you wearing a condom?”
“Yes. Can’t leave any trace behind. I’m also wearing a stocking cap over my face and latex gloves.”
“No wonder I tasted powder when I bit down on your hand.”
“Daddy’s little girl is behaving badly. I turn you around and enter from behind, but not in your sweet pink pussy.”
“No daddy, you’re too big and I’m still a virgin there.”
“Quiet girl! Daddy always gets what he wants. You don’t see it but I reach for a knife. The blade glimmers in the moonlight. By the time you see it it’s too late, the blade has found a major artery. You’re bleeding all over your clean white sheets.”
“I just had them washed, too.”
“I’m coming inside your tight ass at the same time. Your body steadily goes limp, then completely still. I kiss your forehead and look into your lifeless eyes. They’re such a beautiful shade of green. Just like the others. I quickly lift my weight off you and walk out the door. Nobody finds your body for a week. By then, I’m long gone. Searching for someone new.”
“Where did you go, daddy?”
“That, princess, nobody will ever know.”

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