Double Standards- A Short Story

The short YouTube video finished and just as the next was about to play (stupid autoplay) he pressed paused, slid backwards in his chair, and left the table for his roommates room. He knocked on the door before entering where he found Marcus sitting in front of his TV with a PS4 controller in his hands. “You got a sec?”

Marcus paused the game and turned. “You’re lucky I’m stumped. What’s up?”

“Have you ever seen videos on this black chick on YouTube talking about feminist issues?”
“You’re gonna have to be more specific. I’ve seen far too many to stomach.”
“She sounds like a BuzzFeed article. Wuthering something…”
“Yes! That’s her. Have you seen her latest video?”
“Not since someone else debunked her idiotic narrative about toxic masculinity.”
“Okay, well, in this video she talks about sexual harassment, right. Basically she said catcalling is a form of it. Also, that men need to quote check their male friends unquote when they make sexual innuendos in private.”

Marcus quickly unpaused the game, defeated a few incoming enemies, then turned his attention back behind him. “Meaning what, exactly? That if I tell you in private that I wanna slurp some girls ass it’s your job to tell me to stop that?”

“I’m a nutshell.”
“That’s absurd. Everyone does that. Who’s it harming?”
“Well, I know a lot of guys who do it, but do women do it too?”
“You’re joking right?”
“Should I be?”

Marcus got up. “Have you never seen how women objectify men on the internet? In screenshots of group chat conversations?”

He shook his head.

“Women are sexual creatures just like us. You don’t think women are telling their friends- gay men, straight and lesbian women alike- how much they wanna deepthroat some guy or how they want him in their guts? Difference is, we don’t care that they’re saying it, but not for the reasons they think.”
“What do you mean?”
“Walking up to a woman is, by default, a sign that you find her attractive, no?”
“Right. So, there’s no need to actually verbalize this. It’s implied. Just like we know that they’re thinking about us in an objectifying way. Women know off the bat if they’re gonna fuck you unless you say or do something to completely fuck that up. They know we wanna fuck them so they wait for us to say something dumb. We know they may wanna fuck us so we try our hardest not to say or do something dumb. You follow?”

“So you’re saying, as a default state, we just let them objectify us so long as they don’t verbalize it because, like us, it’s normal.”
“Exactly. Why’s it wrong to tell your friends what you’d like to do to someone so long as we don’t turn said person into an object. Why should we vilify one set of people doing it while allowing the other to get away with it completely.”
“I see.”

Marcus sat back down. “This is why 3rd wave feminism is trash, dude. It’s making men look guilty for shit they themselves have been doing for as long as us. You think even during Tupperware parties these married women weren’t throwing innuendos about their husbands around? Of course they were. They’re human, we all love sex and talking about it.”

He left the room as explosions could be heard from the TV as well as an audible grunt from his roommate.


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