Client 7: Mortimer


Heavy breathing, soft grunts

“…You there daddy?”

Grunts become more audible “Say something else you bad girl.”

“Are you okay daddy?”

Grunts become intensified, loud panting “Thank you, sweetie. Now, can I put you on hold for a moment?”

“Su..sure daddy.”


Five minutes later…


“You there baby girl?”

“Yes daddy, I’m here. Is everything alright?”

“Oh yea, it’s great. I just had to clean up. This is the fifth time I’ve jerked off today. I needed a voice. God, these urges are so goddamn inconvenient. You know what I mean?”

“I do, daddy. I get wet whenever the wind blows. So I’m super horny in the winter, haha.”

“Oh you’re such a bad girl, I can tell.”

“I’m a very bad girl, daddy. I need to be punished.”

“How would you like daddy to punish you?”

“Please spank me daddy.”

“I’m slapping you with my dick. You like that? You like when my pink cock helicopters your pretty face?”

“Mmmm daddy! My pussy needs you!”

“You will wait for daddy. Put a finger in your ass and taste it.”

“I taste good daddy. You want a taste?”

“Yes. Put your finger back in your ass and feed daddy….that’s a good girl.”

“Can I taste you now daddy?”

“You…wanna eat daddy’s ass?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Stroke daddy’s dick first….that’s a good girl. Now, inch your tongue all the way down…oooooh you’re such a good girl..I’m gonna come…”

*Loud grunts, panting*

“How was that daddy?”

“You’re the best, baby girl. This is different from beating my meat to porn. The same, in a way, but also, different. You know?”

“I know daddy. Too bad I can’t give you the real thing?”

“You…you would be willing to give me the real thing?”

“That’s against the rules, daddy.”

“But you just said-”

“It’s part of the role, daddy. You should know that.”

“I do.” Teeth sucking noise “I just…it’s so hard to meet people nowadays, I- I have to put you back on hold.”


Five minutes later…


“Sorry about that princess. Like I was saying, it’s so difficult meeting someone. Work gets in the way, not to mention this…well, impulse of mine.”

“I understand daddy. You’ll meet someone who will fully satisfy you. I know it.”

“Will they stick a finger in my ass, milk my prostate like you?”

“Sure daddy.”

“Thank you princess. I needed to hear that. Look at that, my dick isn’t even in my hand right now. Progress, haha.”

“Happy to help daddy.”

“You’re a saint, baby girl.”


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