Fade to Black- A Short Story

To be submitted to all major porn sites.

Plot: The aftermath of all teen movies. We only ever see the nerdy “hero” get the girl at the end. Suggestive markers give the illusion the new couple will be having sex (the camera tends to rise and eventually fade in the sky or simply fade out as they kiss over whatever pop punk band’s song was created as the movies central theme).
*This is the story of their sex lives once the world has seen the two become one. A parody, if you will.*
The male protagonist has to look like the typical white boy, perhaps an older version of a music.ly kid like Jacob Satorius or Matty B (do any men in the porn industry even look like this?) Hell, the YouTuber leafyishere would work. 
The female protagonist is a new generation’s Hayden Panettiere or Megan Fox. Emma Stone works just fine, as it translates well in said market despite it being unrealistic (isn’t that what porn depicts anyway?).
This would work best if the scene is as awkward as possible. Make the male protagonist appear as if he has absolutely no clue what he’s doing while the female protagonist isn’t experienced per se but the audience has no clue. She becomes like a teacher of sorts (think of Fogel’s sex scene in Superbad).
The two eventually break up because emotionally they may be somewhat compatible but the sex just doesn’t click.
In essence, a love story without it looking like one but it’s also not an average porn scene.
To be filmed over three scenes with the final act as their breakup (maybe even deliver a plot twist that he’s actually a Don Juan of sorts after all, she just couldn’t feel him inside her?).
Absurd captions show up before credits such as “(male protagonist’s name) eventually got loads of pussy in college becoming the biggest player the schools ever seen while seeing huge success in his career later on” and “(female protagonist’s name) regretted breaking up with (male protagonist’s name) eventually becoming a sugar baby to a sixty year old man who died two weeks later when she amassed a huge fortune, but it wasn’t enough because she missed (male protagonist’s name).”
Fade to Black over a generic pop punk song

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