Client 8: Unknown

“Hi there.”
“Hi Daddy.”
*Chuckles* “I’m actually not calling for that. This is a cheaper form of therapy. I would like your opinion on something, if you can take a step back from your character for a minute.”
“Depends what the question is.”
“Do you think men benefit more, or less, from being raised around a lot of women?”
“Hmm… That’s an interesting question. May I ask where this is coming from?”
“My entire dating experience.”
“And how would you describe it?”
“Well, let me kind of go back to the beginning. I’ll keep it as brief as possible. I grew up in the 90’s. Girl power and all that from the Spice Girls, TLC, etc. I was also just around women all the time. I figured, who better to know what they like and learn from- absorb the info, you know?”
“Makes sense. I don’t see any issue so far.”
“This translated into my becoming more emotionally aware which, again, sounds great, but it hasn’t been.”
“Why’s that?”
“I keep meeting women who seem to hate it rather than it benefiting. You hear the narrative so often you start believing it, becoming it.”
“And it’s been the exact opposite.”
“Yes. I’m in my 30’s, do you think there’s time to change, or because there wasn’t an equal amount of male influence in my life that it’s a lost cause?”
“I think there’s still time. You’re not old, but you’re also not quite young either. If you’re wondering if you can just erase everything you’ve learned, I’ll say no. But it might be best to just…I don’t know, ease up? If that makes sense?”
“Be less of who I am and become partly something I’m not?”
“That’s one way to put it.”
“But how do I do that?”
“You might actually need a professional to give advice on that. Unfortunately this is where I’ll have to drop my expertise, or lack thereof.”
“I think this was helpful enough. Thank you…What was your name?”
“Candy Cane.”
*Chuckles* “That’s a perfect character name. May I use it?”
“Are you a writer?”
“God I hope so.”


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