Drabble #95

@RebelScum: Not to go full SJW but, while all the recent hoopla over the “romphim” was hilarious…

@RebelScum: Sexual objectification is all fun and games when it comes to men, but a nation-wide crisis when applied to women

@RebelScum: That’s not to say men weren’t participants in this, but it always seems to be “just jokes” if it’s at the expense of men.

@RebelScum: If you aren’t new to social media you’ve by now seen “sweatpants season *insert Meat Vision meme*” & the like

@RebelScum: Mind you, these jokes are *also* coming from the very side trying to end sexual objectification. But, I guess it’s only against women

@RebelScum: Here’s another example- women saying “get in my guts” or “lemme feel you in my throat” is okay to say to men…

@RebelScum: but a man saying “lemme eat the booty one time” to women is blasphemous.

@RebelScum: Men don’t vilify women for saying this because we know you, like us, think like this.

@RebelScum: Give *one* example where it’s okay to do any of this. Btw, any use of “the patriarchy” is cancelled when it’s women benefitting from the jokes, not men.

@RebelScum: Go ahead & argue the jokes are satirical. To prove it happens to women, isn’t the same tactic used? Argument invalid.

@RebelScum: What it comes down to is “you had your fun objectifying us, now it’s our turn.” Even when it’s not men’s faults it somehow still is.

@RebelScum: Don’t fight injustice on one front when it’s happening on *all*, esp if the narrative applies.

@RebelScum: Also, don’t minimize your argument by backpedaling to hide behind feminism when, according to y’all, it’s for women *and* men


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